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Finding time to balance living healthy and being a homeschooling mom is difficult. It can especially be difficult to find the time (and energy) to exercise while juggling grading papers, cooking meals, and doing housework. Luckily, BalleNess makes it easy by providing online exercise instruction and dance classes. Her classes provide the experience of a private trainer in the convenience of your home.

balleness review giveaway

Megan Berryhill, a dancer and choreographer, has combined ballet and fitness to create BalléNess, an online, real-time exercise program. BalléNess offers a variety of classes for students from toddler to adults. You can choose from classes such as Mommy/Daddy & Me, Performance Preparation (for a dancer or choreographer looking for professional assistance in creating choreography or critiquing existing choreography), beginner-level exercise, advanced exercise, and more.

Jennifer and Leann recently had the opportunity to complete 8 classes as a part of this review. Below, Jennifer, a homeschooling mom whose exercise experiences have been limited due to previous injuries, shares how the BalléNess program has benefited her.

Perfect for All Ages and Abilities

When the opportunity to review BalléNess was made available, I was eager for the opportunity. I’m not in great shape, but fortunately that doesn’t matter. The classes are developed to meet the client where she/he is physically. I really liked that the only items I needed to take the class were an exercise mat (optional, but makes classes more comfortable on a hardwood floor) and a Skype account, which was free.

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It is amazing what we are able to do through technology. I never would have thought that I would be able to have live interaction with my exercise teacher from the comfort of my home. I used an iPad, screened on our television, for the class. Megan was able to view my progress, and I was able to see her just as if we were in a face-to-face exercise classroom. We met for eight sessions at one hour per class. My 10 year-old daughter, Lily, who is in much better shape than me, joined me for most of the classes and kept up the pace with great ease.

I started the class having gone through most of 2013 immobile. Needless to say, I really needed to take Megan’s classes because I was out of shape. After the first session, I was happy to be making an effort to get back into shape, but I was worn out! By the third session, I was feeling better about the class and was really enjoying the experience.

My classes were held twice a week. Megan determines how frequent the sessions need to be based on the client’s progress. The classes that Megan took me through gave me an opportunity to try just a little bit of the multiple exercise routines that she covers. There was some ballet – the pliés were a killer but great strengtheners; some dance – very little of this only because of my ability, but I can tell that it would be great for a more advanced student; and some stretching – I totally loved the stretching session!

Balleness fitness

Flexible and Convenient  Classes — with a Real Ballerina and Fitness Trainer

Besides the wonderful exercises programs, what I really like about the offerings of BalléNess are:

Variety – The classes are well thought out, and they provide a full-body workout.

Convenience – Classes were scheduled around my schedule rather than requiring that I meet at a certain time determined by the instructor.  Another plus is that class can travel with you wherever you go because it is done online.

Megan – She is very personable! And despite the distance, I was still able to connect with her throughout the class as if she were right in the room with me. Her attentiveness to me as a student was apparent. I also like that while Megan was teaching class, she was not over the top or too exaggerated in her encouragement.

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Workouts Are Tailored to Your Needs

BalléNess provided me with the motivation I needed to begin working out again but BalléNess is not just for those wanting to get back in shape.  It’s also for the busy homeschooling mom who is struggling to balance daily life with getting in a good workout, as is the case for Leann.

I’ve always been active.  In fact, I really love exercising — from taking hikes, to aerobics classes, to swimming and participating in other sports.  However, since I’ve become a homeschooling mom, I’ve found myself concentrating more on my son and his education than I have on myself.  Likewise, since my husband works the evening shift, I don’t have the availability to attend fitness classes, especially with a kid in tow.

When I heard about the opportunity to take Megan’s classes, I was overjoyed.  I took dance as a child, and I loved growing up dancing.  I couldn’t wait to work out with Megan, as her classes would allow me to combine working out with the flexibility of staying at home.  I appreciated that the classes were online so my little one could play within earshot, and I didn’t have to worry about finding a babysitter while I ran to the gym to take a class.

Even though I was in decent shape, I found that I was receiving an amazing workout every single session.  I was also gaining strength after each session.  Within a month’s time, I was feeling great, gaining muscle and core strength, and having a great time doing something I loved.

Because the program is online, I was surprised to find that Megan could actually give great critiques on how to improve form.  She could tell when I wasn’t keeping my body in alignment or when I wasn’t keeping my core tight.  She discovered that I wasn’t putting my heels entirely down when doing pliés — a minute detail that she caught and helped me correct in order to experience the exercise’s full benefit.  She could also tell when I was having problems completing an exercise–either from still being sore from previous sessions or from knee injuries from years ago.  I loved that as soon as she saw me struggling she immediately adjusted the workout to accommodate my ailments, yet she still provided an intense workout.

I have so thoroughly enjoyed my sessions that I’ve continued taking classes even after my free sessions were over. 

Balleness perfect for kids

Not Just for Adults

Megan’s classes aren’t just for moms — she also offers a variety of classes for children.  The kids’ classes are compact, 30-60 minute sessions for ages 2 and up.  Whether a beginner or advanced dancer, your child can learn techniques in ballet, pointe, jazz, modern dance, and hip hop. Classes are also available for fitness. Parents must be available for supervision during each class, especially for smaller children.

Want to work out with your kids?  Megan also offers a family class for parents who want to work out with their children.  What a fun alternative to homeschool physical education!


Toddler classes (30 minute private sessions): $28 per month (4 sessions) or $80 per quarter (12 sessions)

Youth classes:  ballet, pointe, jazz, modern, hip hop, fitness, or a custom-designed class

  • 1 hour private sessions: $56 per month (4 sessions) or $160 per quarter (12 sessions)
  • 1 hour group sessions: $24 per month (4 sessions) or $60 per quarter (12 sessions) *

Adult classes:  BalléNess Fitness or VExercise class

  • 1 hour private sessions: $36 per month (4 sessions) or $103 per quarter (12 sessions)
  • 1 hour group sessions: $24 per month (4 sessions) or $60 per quarter (12 sessions) *

Family classes:  (work out with your kids!)

  • 1 hour private sessions: $60 per month (4 sessions) or $103 per quarter (12 sessions)

*Note:  Group sessions are based on 5 individuals in a class, participating at the same time.  To be guaranteed the group rate, please pre-arrange for a group of 5 students.  If you are not a part of a group of 5 students but would prefer a group rate, Megan will assist individuals in getting acquainted in order to attempt to form a group; however, she cannot guarantee that she will be able to organize the group nor offer the group price without having 5 students in the class.

How to participate:

Contact Megan via email or through the BalléNess contact form at the top of the website in order to discuss pricing and class schedules.

***All new participants receive their first class free!

Win 12 weeks of BalléNess classes:

Megan is offering a quarter’s worth of classes to one lucky family.  The winner can choose toddler, youth, adult, or family classes.
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Disclosure: Two team members received 8 classes from Balleness free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. I would definitely do the family classes. I used to be a dance teacher and was a member of a dance company. Having been a dancer for over 20 years, I always feel bad that I haven’t gotten my own children involved. This would be so awesome to do together!

  2. Looks like a great solution for my homebound, unco-ordinated, fitness-challenged, music-loving family. Pick me, please!

  3. I would love the class for me, fibro has left me sore and tight. But my daughter dances and I would love for her to have extra, one-on-one pointe instruction. I guess I will have to decide if I win!

  4. I LOVE dance as fitness and am trying to get my kids involved in it as a way to stay in shape and learn rhythm and technique. This would be so fun to share with them and prove fitness can be as fun as you make it!

  5. Probably the family class, but having a private class to help my dancing son improve his flexibility is also appealing. 🙂

  6. My 4 year old would love this! Been looking for something in our area and haven’t found a good option.

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