KidCoder: Game Programming in Visual Basic

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KidCoder Game Programming Visual Basic

KidCoder: Game Programming will teach students in grades 6 through 8 game design and logic, including how to display graphics, animate images, handle sprites, and play sounds. This book & CD set is the second semester course of the Homeschool Programming Inc. Visual Basic "KidCoder" course-year; it is preceded by Windows Programming, which is a prerequisite for this course.

Students will learn about game design, drawing on a screen, animation with timers, game logic, artificial intelligence, saving games, drawing test and printing, and more. Students will create different programs throughout the course; and in the final chapter, students will demonstrate everything they've learned by writing a simple computer game.

Course CD with set-up program is also included. 213 pages, indexed, softcover. Reproducible for personal use only. An optional Game Programming Supplemental Instructional DVD is also available.

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