English II: Composition Skills

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English II Composition Skills

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The English II: Composition course from Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum (PAC) will continue to develop language arts skills by teaching students how to build strong writing skills in various contexts. This course was designed to help students who've been identified as exhibiting weak composition skills; it's recommended for use as a grade 10 remedial writing curriculum. This course teaches through five high-interest "text" booklets, which cover crafting strong sentence and paragraphs; how to write effective poems, letters, essays, narratives, articles, and research papers; how literary concepts such as cause and effect are used; parts of speech; spelling and pronunciation; and more.

Non-reproducible pages, stapled bindings, paper covers. Suggested for Grade 10 remedial. Designed to cover one year. 5 Texts, 5 Activity Books, and 1 Teacher's Resource Packet included.

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