Remember the Days: Medieval Days Book Two

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This set is for children who are studying Medieval History. Medieval Days is a delightful story-style history spine that covers Medieval and Church history from the Fall of Rome to the Elizabethan Era. It is geared for children in K-6th. The Medieval Family Guide is a guide that integrates history with literature readings for grades K-12. It includes books, read-alouds, audios, movies, memory work, writing ideas and much more to allow students to immerse in the Medieval time period. The Medieval craft book is a fun way to make history come alive for the students. It is great for grades K-12. This set can be used for students using BiblioPlan's material or can come alongside students using other curriculum like Classical Conversations.


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Biblioplan is an amazing curriculum. The only downfall was that the one textbook was too advanced to just easily explain to the younger elementary grades. This frustrated me greatly and regularly forced me to have to use the simpler stated Story of the world to explain. Biblioplan solved this with the new edition of Remember the days. Everything is much simpler for young ones and easier for me to teach now. Also since this is so much better suited, the need for additional spines such as Story of the world is really unnecessary. I still highly recommend Story of the world to my secular homeschooling friends but I always recommend Biblioplan to my Christian ones. It covers everything from bible, history, geography all in one curriculum. Very happy with it.
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flexibility, majority of the curriculum is reusable, money saving, interesting, teaching many at once
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We really like the curriculum and the book choices. I also like the flexibility it allows for families tonuse other spines . The 3 day week format is a blessing.
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Great for multi level
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Definitely, esoecially for those who want to use spine resources they already own
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This is our second year using Biblioplan and we absolutely LOVE it! There are many different options for Literature reads and read alouds. The little ones were not interested in coloring the color pages while I read aloud so I let them paint the coloring pages and the problem was solved! I also LOVE that we are all reading the same Bible passages together as a family. I have a wide range of ages so anything that can bring us all together as a family is a plus for me!
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All ages could study the same time period together
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YES, YES, YES! ♡♡♡
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