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Homeschool Curriculum for Auditory Learners

Do you have an auditory learner in your homeschool? If you’re not sure, you can learn more about learning styles and how to determine your child’s learning style here. If you determine that you do have an auditory learner, we think this article will be helpful to you! (Be sure to click here if you have a kinesthetic learner and here if you have a visual learner and would like curriculum suggestions for them.)

Helpful curriculum suggestions for auditory learners!

Children who are auditory learners learn by hearing things. They may need to listen to directions, listen to stories, and/or listen to music in order to learn. These students may talk to themselves, lose concentration easily if they’re doing school work in a room with others who are talking or making noise, read out loud to themselves, and enjoy singing and telling stories.

Many young students (lower and middle elementary ages) are kinesthetic learners and/or may be a combination of learning styles. As students get older, though, their individual learning styles may become more obvious. If you have a young child who seems to be an auditory learner or an older student who definitely enjoys auditory learning, we think these curriculum suggestions will be helpful to you!


All About Reading

Age/Grade Levels: pre-k through 4th grade

Prep Time: little to none

Why it might appeal to your auditory learner:

Highly interactive–which is great for all learners!
Multi-sensory to appeal to auditory learners as well as kinesthetic and visual learners.
Scripted lessons allow the parent/teacher to say what’s most important without excess information/instruction so that instructions are clear and easy for the auditory learner to process.
Hands-on activities
Allows child to choose his or her favorite books for read-aloud time
Pace and amount of interaction can be adjusted



Age/Grade Levels: This is an online program covering pre-K through high school.

Prep Time: None

Why it might appeal to your auditory learner:

Animated lessons
Instructional videos
Multimedia activities
Appeals to all learning styles


This curriculum is aligned with national and state standards, so you may encounter some information/ideas (such as evolution) that may conflict with your own convictions or beliefs.

Also, lessons at the high school level are taught in a more traditional way than those for K-8th grades. (For example, a teacher presents some of the material at high school level.)


LeapFrog DVDs

Age/Grade Levels: preschool – early readers

Prep Time: none or minimal

Why it might appeal to your auditory learner:

• These videos are not technically “curriculum,” but they are great as a supplement for
teaching your auditory learner phonics.
• The songs are very catchy and appealing to young children.
• The short segments and “stories” are appealing to auditory learners.
• They are educational and entertaining at the same time!


Age/Grade Levels: ages 2 – 8

Prep Time: none

Why it might appeal to your auditory learner:
• Colorful site with auditory input (like read-alouds, songs, etc.)
• Games
• Activities
• Videos
• Appeals to all learning styles
• Visual rewards
• Customizable avatar


Phonetic Zoo Spelling

Age/Grade Levels: 3rd – 8th

Why it might appeal to your auditory learner:

This is a phonics-based spelling program that uses auditory input to help students remember the correct spelling of each word. Audio CDs give students the ability to work independently most of the time, and they allow students the ability to repeatedly listen to information that needs to be practiced/reinforced.

Advanced Spelling & Vocabulary

Age/Grade Levels: 9th – 12th

Prep Time: minimal

Why it might appeal to your auditory learner:

This spelling program for older students uses the same auditory, frequency, and mastery approach that Phonetic Zoo uses for younger students.

Students are able to use this curriculum independently. The student listens to an MP3, which gives him/her a spelling test. The MP3 later gives the student the correct spelling and definition. The student practices and listens to the MP3 until he or she is able to spell all of the words correctly.

Each module in this curriculum has four lessons with 24 words each. (These lessons are on two CD-ROMs.) Also included are a PDF booklet with full instructions and the lists of words and definitions.

This complete course includes all nine modules:

Art & Architecture
Bible & Theology
Business & Economics
Government & Law
Greek & Latin Word Roots
Health & Science



Handwriting Without Tears

Age/Grade Levels: pre-k – 5th grade

Prep Time: minimal

Why it might appeal to your auditory learner:

All levels use child friendly, multi-sensory lessons.

Early levels use:

A variety of hands-on, fun activities

Later levels use:

A variety of fun, hands-on activities
Developmentally appropriate materials


Schoolhouse Rock

NOTE: These are available to buy on DVD, or you can watch them on YouTube.

Age/Grade Levels:

Elementary and middle school (but high schoolers might like them too)

Why it might appeal to your auditory learner:

These are music videos that present the parts of speech and grammar rules set to music. They are funny (often silly), catchy, and easy to remember—especially after listening to them several times. When I was a child, they came on between cartoons on Saturday mornings, and I developed my love of English grammar at least in part from listening to them!

Fun songs
Catchy tunes
Silly/funny situations
Younger children might enjoy dancing along to the music

Shurley English

Age/Grade Levels: 1-7
Prep Time: moderate
Why it might appeal to your auditory learner:
• This is a highly structured program that may not be a great fit for all learners, but those who enjoy more traditional textbook/workbook curriculum may love it!
• “Jingles” (short songs) for learning the parts of speech are great for auditory learners!
• Uses a combination of types of activities, questions, written work, diagramming, jingles, etc. to help children of all learning styles.


Life of Fred Elementary Math Series

Age/Grade Levels: 1st – 6th

Prep Time: minimal to moderate

Why it might appeal to your auditory learner:

Because this entire math program is so story-based, this may be a very appealing math curriculum for auditory learners.
There are also many real-life situations that help all students see the value of learning math.

Life of Fred High School Math

Age/Grade Levels: high school

Prep Time: none

Why it might appeal to your auditory learner:

Similar to the elementary math series, these high school level math books are story-based, so they appeal to learners who enjoy auditory input.

Also similar to the elementary series, these story-based math lessons help students see a need for math because of their “real life” applications.



Age/Grade Levels: K – 6th

Prep Time: moderate

Why it might appeal to your auditory learner:

This series will appeal to all learning styles because it incorporates a variety of kinds of activities into each lesson.

The author wrote the text directly to the student, so the style is very conversational–which is appealing to auditory learners who enjoy stories and conversations.

MP3 Audio CDs (optional) are another great way to make this series even more appealing to auditory learners.


Age/Grade Levels: 7th – 12th

Prep Time: minimal

Why it might appeal to your auditory learner:
A CD-ROM version is available. Auditory learners will enjoy the multi-media video clips, pronunciation guides, and more.

Auditory learners will also benefit from the CDs with MP3 files that contain the complete text. These students can listen to the text being read to them, and they can read along in the printed book. The audio CDs are also great for listening to the text more than once if extra reinforcement is needed.

Like the elementary-level series, these books were written in a conversational style that directly addresses the student.

Online classes are available.

Magic School Bus (books and DVDs)

Age/Grade Levels: grades 1 – 4
Prep Time: none
Why it might appeal to your auditory learner:
• These books and DVDs are a fantastic and fun way for young learners to get interested and learn more about science-related topics! They are colorful and entertaining, yet they are full of interesting scientific information on a variety of topics.
• Available in book format, but your auditory learner might enjoy the DVDs more.

The Rainbow (by Beginnings Publishing)

Age/Grade Levels: junior high (about 7th and 8th grades)

Prep Time: moderate prep time (for labs)

Why it might appeal to your auditory learner:

Written in an entertaining way directly to the student (using humor).
Uses word problems.
Like other science curriculums, this one uses a variety of kinds of activities that may appeal to all kinds of learners. However, I’ve never come across another science curriculum that uses humor in the text like this one does. For that reason (among others), this may be very appealing to some auditory learners.

Social Studies/History:

Story of the World

Age/Grade Levels: 1st – 8th

Prep Time:

None for the books alone. If you use the activity books along with the core books, there will be some prep time according to which activities you choose to use.

Why it might appeal to your auditory learner:
These books are written as stories that will appeal to auditory learners. There are also optional activity books that go along with the core books. These optional activity books are full of activities and ideas that will appeal to all kinds of learners!

The components listed below are written with the assumption that you are using the activity books along with the core books.

• Audio CDs are available
• Review questions and answers
• Narration
• Games
• Literature readings

History Revealed Series (by Diana Waring)

Age/Grade Levels:
Elementary Activity Book to introduce Kindergarten through 4th grade students to this curriculum/information
Main curriculum is intended for students of 5th through 12th grades.

Why it might appeal to your auditory learner:
• Incorporates living books
• Meaningful activities that students can tailor according to their own individual interests
• Includes geography, music, architecture, art, science, and more from each time period
• Discussion
• Live online classes are available!

Mystery of History

Age/Grade Levels: kindergarten – 12th grade

Prep Time: moderate to high depending on choice of activities

Why it might appeal to your auditory learner:
• Audio CDs
• Reading lists
• Notebooking
• A variety of activities and ideas that appeal to students of all learning styles.

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  1. Thank you SO much for this extremely helpful article. I just discovered this year that my son is an auditory learner and I had no idea where to look for history curriculum that would be a good fit for him. Your article gave me hope and ideas and now I have a plan for my son for next year. Thank you, thank you!!!

  2. As a mom that is new to homeschooling, I just want to say thank you for taking time to research and providing insight on the different curriculum and learning styles. Much appreciated.

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