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Grapevine Studies Review

Have you ever heard of Grapevine Studies?

Grapevine offers a truly impressive array of both New and Old Testament Bible studies for age groups all across the spectrum, from Pre-K to adult. Their wonderfully fun and simple approach, ‘Stick Figuring Through The Bible,’ offers a creative and multi-sensory learning experience that gives kids and people of all ages a chance to experience and really grasp the stories and lessons God has for us in His word!

My family was given the opportunity to review Grapevine’s New Multi-Level Joseph Study. It’s a small thing, but as soon as I opened the envelope containing our new curriculum, I knew we were going to have fun with it. 🙂

Multi-Level sets are advertised for ages 7 & up and I would agree with that age grouping. All three of my boys were excited to get started with this and all tried to draw along with me as I taught the lessons. However, my 5 year old quickly got frustrated when he couldn’t make his stick people look like the ones his brothers and I were drawing. My two older guys (7 & 9) we’re definitely able to keep up and would race to guess who I was drawing before I narrated the next part of the lesson. My younger guy enjoyed listening to the story and talking about the pictures but kiddos under 7 will probably have a tough time making the drawings.

There are definitely other Grapevine packages that use this same unique approach but involve less drawing. Something to keep in mind for the littler people!

The Joseph curriculum is broken up into 14 lessons, the 1st being a chronological timeline overview of the story that will be covered. The subsequent lessons dig more in depth into the different sections of the story.

I was impressed with how well laid out and helpful the teacher’s guide was. I am not usually one to buy the manual when I have an option, but I think we would have missed out on much had I not had this one. I also appreciated that the license allowed me to make copies of the worksheets for all three boys from one package. It can be frustrating to buy a curriculum and then find you needed to order one copy per student to stay all legal like. 🙂

We really enjoyed the combination of reading the story, learning scriptures, review, drawing and conversation that happened with this curriculum! Each lesson offers suggested memory verses and discussion topics but gives you the flexibility to lighten or really dig deep into the story as time and attention span permits!

My 7 and 9 year old boys thought this was the most fun we’d ever had in a Bible lesson! We laughed constantly, had great conversations about what we were learning and walked away after every lesson with some new fact or perspective on a much-loved and often studied story. I honestly had not heard of Grapevine Studies before I was blessed with the opportunity to review their Joseph curriculum, but we will most certainly be ordering more in the future!

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  1. Danielle, I LOVE Grapevine Studies!! My older children are teens and my youngest is 9, and we all love them! I don’t know if I would have thought to mention how we laughed and had so much fun doing the drawings, but we learned a lot at the same time. We’ve done quite a few of their studies, and we’ve loved them all. I also really like that the studies leave it to the teacher to explain doctrinal questions. That makes these studies useful for anyone regardless of specific doctrinal differences.

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