Gift Guide to Games for Children Ages 7 to 8+

Games are a great way for children to have fun and use their brains at the same time! If you have children ages 7 or 8 and above on your gift list this year, take a look at these suggestions. You’ll find card games, family games, games that require creativity, games for folks who love to draw, and more!


My family and I have played almost all of these games, and we’ve loved every one of them! At Christmas, we usually buy one game for the whole family, and we sometimes give each child a game that he or she will particularly enjoy too. We hope these gift guides to games help you find just the right games for your family! Have fun!



Dixit (3-6 players) This game includes beautiful illustrations and uses the imagination to unlock the story. Each player chooses a card that matches the story, and then each player must convince the other players that his/her card is the best match! This game is described as “beautiful and imaginative and fun for all.”



Telestrations (4-6 players) This great family (or party!) game is the visual version of the classic “Telephone Game.” Each player reads a word, draws it, and passes the drawing to the next person–who guesses what the drawing shows. It’s communication at its best!



Clue: The Classic Edition (3-6 players) This is the classic Clue game you remember from when you were a child! You and your children or friends will enjoy trying to figure out “who dunnit.”


Elementos (2 players) This is a strategy game based on the children’s game of Rock/Paper/Scissors. Each player must command fire, wood, and water to overcome his or her opponent!



Lego Creationary

 Lego Creationary (3-8 players)  This game will test your imagination, creativity, building, and guessing skills.


  Phase 10

Phase 10 Card Game (2-6 players) This game is so much fun! Players must complete 10 different phases in order. It’s not as easy as it sounds!



Battleship Game (2 players) This classic Battleship game is fun and educational! Portable battle cases make it easy to take with you, too. There’s also an electronic version.


HHM Snake Oil Game Collage Resized


Snake Oil (3-6 players) This is a wonderfully entertaining game! I heard of it from my friend at A Mama’s Story, and I’m so glad I did! This one is on our Christmas list this year.


  Scattergories Junior

Scattergories Junior (2-4 players) This game is like the regular Scattergories game, but it has topics that relate to children.


Wits and Wagers

Wits and Wagers Family  (3+ players) There is also a deluxe family edition. We got this game years ago, and we’ve played it many times!




Pictionary (3+ players) This is great fun whether you can draw or not!



Trivial Pursuit Family Edition

Trivial Pursuit Quick Play Family Edition This “quick play” edition is great because most of us don’t have hours and hours to play. This allows me to play a game with my family in a reasonable amount of time. We love it!

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