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Free Activities, Lessons, and Printables about Electricity

We are celebrating Benjamin Franklin’s birthday, January 17th, by sharing lots of Free Activities, Lessons, and Printables about Electricity. He was a multi-talented man with his most famous role probably being that he was the inventor of the lightning rod. But he had many other inventions as well, such as swim fins, the rocking chair, bifocal lenses, the Franklin stove, and the glass armonica. He has an amazing list of achievements crossing a vast body of knowledge including literature, printing, business, entrepreneurship, science, engineering, technology, politics, philosophy, environment, arts, and public service.  And last, but not least, he also played a very crucial role in the American Revolution!!

This set of freebies is part of a new series we will be featuring weekly, Freebie Friday. Each week we will focus on a new theme. Watch for articles, both from our team and guest writers, as well as some of our social media posts to focus on this new weekly theme. We will share several freebies each week related to the topic, but there will always be several that are just of interest to homeschoolers. So even if the theme is not of interest, be sure to come looking for the Freebie Friday post to get the other freebies as well. NOTE: the freebies will only be free for the week after publication, so be sure to grab them while you can. And please help us get the word out about this new series by sharing with your homeschool friends as well!

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Free Activities, Lessons, and Printables about Electricity:

ben-franklinFree e-book about Ben Franklin
Your children will be inspired when they read of all Ben Franklin accomplished in his lifetime and how what he did so greatly impacted us today.
Electricity-and-Magnetism1Electricity & Magnetism Notebook
Students will be given the opportunity to show their understanding of electricity by completing the engaging and creative activities which include:
• Foldables
• Timeline
• Cut-outs
• Circuit drawing
• Make an Electromagnet
StaticElectricityStatic Electricity Lesson Plan
The lesson plan and blog post give you great background and activities to help thoroughly understand static electricity for upper elementary and middle school age students.

Other Freebies this week:

movie-review-formMovie Review Worksheet
Rounding out your study with a movie or documentary? This notebooking page is perfect for helping students analyze the film and document their learning in journals or portfolios.
Manners-For-PigFree eBook – Manners for Pig
This month’s free eBook from Blue Manor is also an Audio book! Manners for Pig is the adorable story of poor messy pig whose friends avoid him because he doesn’t have any manners. Cat decide to teach him, but will he be able to learn his manners?Get ‘Manners for Pig’ to find out!
winter-emergent-reader-coveWinter Emergent Reader
Snowball Fight is a fun and interactive winter emergent reader that your beginning readers will love! The simple, predictable text focuses on the number words one through ten.
Slide1Video and Matching Printable
I am working on creating a MASSIVE You Tube channel that has corresponding matching printable activities that match the videos. The purpose of this is so the students can experience visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning all in the same lesson. Currently there are multiple free downloads that go along with the free videos. There is also a paid portion that, at this time, is only a nominal fee. It is a growing bundle and will grow quickly!
PREVIEWNounPOMFreebie1Teaching Nouns for Mastery
This activity helps children understand the different types of nouns and gives them an opportunity to “show what they know”!
Synonymn-Song-PRINT-8x8Synonym Song & Classroom Chart
This freebie includes: a Classroom Chart, mp3 & Teacher’s Notes.
Learn about how to make speaking & writing more interesting by exchanging frequently used words…“good”… with more interesting words (synonyms).
Cover-SAMPLETelling Time Worksheets
This a sample from a bigger set of telling time worksheets. Both the set and the free sample focus on telling time to the hour and half hour. These worksheets are fun and engaging.
Lysbilde1Farm Animals Unit
Vocabulary, math and literacy tasks tied to farm animals.
Engineer-Like-an-Ancient-Greek-coverEngineering and Ancient Greek
“Engineer like a Greek!” will provide an enrichment experience for your students that combines geometry, architecture, and structural engineering. This lesson will challenge your students collaborative and problem solving skills in a fun and interesting hands-on activity.
Slide3My College Application
It’s never too early to get kids thinking about where they will go to college. This gets kids thinking about it now. Goal setting is important! I usually do this early in the year for a bulletin board. I made three different options for you. Great first day activity for back to school!


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