Family New Year’s Eve Activities and Ideas

Family New Year’s Eve Activities and Ideas

Are you going to stay up until midnight to welcome the new year? Or will you celebrate early and then get a good night’s sleep? Whether you’re a night owl who loves to stay up until the new year begins or whether you’re a morning person who would rather get some sleep and greet the new year the next morning, we have a collection of family New Year’s Eve activities that will help you and your kids have a great time counting down the hours until the new year (or until bedtime…we won’t tell!).

family New Year's Eve activities

Celebrating New Year’s Eve at Home with the Kids

Most of you who are reading this article have children. Many of you have young children. I know some young children are night owls and do great staying up late to ring in the new year. When my children were younger, though, all they did late at night was get grouchy! Whether you have children who want to party the night away on December 31 or whether your kids need to be in bed at a decent time to avoid a meltdown, our article, Celebrating New Year’s Eve at Home with the Kids has some great suggestions for you!


Family New Year’s Eve Activities

We asked moms in the Hip Homeschool Moms Facebook Community for their favorite suggestions for ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day with their children, and they gave us lots (and lots!) of great ideas! In our article, New Year’s Eve Activities for Families, you’ll find a list of activities that different families do to celebrate, and you’ll also find a list of foods eat during your celebration at home.  Where I live in the South, we eat cabbage (for money) and blackeyed peas (for good luck) on New Year’s Day, but other families made lots of other fun suggestions! You might want to borrow some other families’ traditions, or you might be inspired to come up with your own!

New Year’s Firecracker Papercraft Wand

New Year's Firecracker Paper Craft

Making these super cute New Year’s Firecracker Papercraft Wands is a great family New Year’s Eve activity. In fact, this is a perfect activity for either New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day! You probably have everything you need to make them, or you can make substitutions if you don’t have quite everything you need. Make them with your kids at a New Year’s Eve party, or make them on New Year’s Day and enjoy welcoming the new year by getting crafty!

Making a Memory Jar

This fun and simple activity can be done on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day and continued throughout the year! It really is an easy activity with no special equipment or supplies needed. And the best part is that, if you choose to make a memory jar for your family, you’ll be blessed by it over and over all year and again at the end of the year or the beginning of next year! This article will explain how and why you might want to try Making a Memory Jar with your family this year.


Play Boredom Busting Bingo

Our Boredom Busting Bingo game will keep your kids busy for hours! You can do some of the activities that can be done in minutes or hours, or you might choose to keep the fun going and start your game on New Year’s Eve and finish it in the future (a few days or a week from now). It’s up to you! You’ll find links to everything you need for an evening (or a week!) of fun with your kiddos! NOTE: For any activities that are “pay what you can,” simply put 0.00 in the space so you can get your printables for free. 


Start a Tradition of Saving Money with This Printable Savings Tracker

Maybe you’d like to Encourage Your Kids to Save Money next year? You can download and print our savings tracker to make it a fun activity you can work on together!

Whether you want to spend some time cooking with your kids on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day or whether you’d like for your children to start helping with cooking some family meals next year, these recipes, cooking activities, and cooking journals are what you need! All of the printables, journals, and activities are free to download and print at the time of publication of this article and for at least a week afterward, so be sure to download them now before they go back to regular price!

New Year’s Math Printables





These fun, New Year’s themed math printables are a great way to give your children a little bit of quick, easy-going addition, subtraction, and multiplication practice. And when they’re done solving the problems, there are also secret word puzzles to decode. (Because everything is better with a secret code!) Click here to get the New Year’s Addition Printable. To get the New Year’s Subtraction Printable, click here. And to find the New Year’s Multiplication Printable, click here.


How about starting a “kids in the kitchen” tradition for the new year?

Counting Candies on Cookies Math Cards

If you’d like to sneak in some educational fun and make a sweet treat to share during your New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day celebration, you’ll love our Counting Candies on Cookies Math Cards activity on our sister site, Only Passionate Curiosity! Not only is cookie baking itself an educational activity, but you can print our math cards to go along with the recipe and make the activity even more educational! You’ll find the recipe link in the article, so there’s no need to go searching for a cookie recipe.


Cooking Journals for Boys and Girls

If you’d like to do some cooking with your kiddos on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day or if you’d like to encourage your children to help prepare family meals next year, these cooking journals will help make it more fun! Grab your Cooking Journals for Boys and Girls and enjoy having some help in the kitchen while your kids are developing some important life skills.

Are you trying to decide whether or not to make New Year’s resolutions?

New Year's Resolutions

Do you make New Year’s resolutions? If you do (or even if you don’t!), I’ve put together some of our best articles about goals vs. resolutions, how to decide if you want to make resolutions or set goals for the new year, information about some stress-free resolutions you might want to consider, and even information about why you might choose not to make New Year’s resolutions in this article, Should You Make New Year’s Resolutions?





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