Did You Have to Log Back Into Facebook? Here is why…

Facebook was hacked. Yep. I’m serious! About 50 million of us were impacted… and apparently I was one of those impacted.

“Fifty million accounts were directly affected,” explained Facebook VP of product management Guy Rosen on a Friday morning press call, “and we know the vulnerability was used against them. We did see this attack being used at a fairly large scale,” added Rosen. “The attackers could use the account as if they are the account holder.” Ummm… and do what with Facebook? They are not sharing much about that aspect yet! You can click here to read their press release.

In the blog post linked above, the company says hackers exploited the “View As” feature. This feature allowed people to see what their profiles looked like to someone else. They have temporarily disabled this feature due to the security breach.

To deal with the issue, Facebook reset some logins, so 90 million people have been logged out and will have to log in again. That includes anyone who has been subject to a “View As” lookup in the past year. Facebook says it doesn’t know who is behind the attacks or where they’re based…. but I am sure they probably know way more than they are sharing, since it is an open and ongoing investigation!

In a call with reporters on Friday, Zuckerberg said that the company doesn’t know yet if any of the accounts that were hacked were misused.

Facebook has more than 2 billion users worldwide. The company said people do not need to change their Facebook passwords, but anyone having trouble logging on should visit the site’s help center. Those who want to log out can visit the “Security and Login” section of their settings, which lists the places that people are logged into Facebook. It has a one-click option of logging out of all locations.

So if you were logged out of Facebook and had to log back in today, like I did, you now know why!

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