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Baby Learns Colors App for iPad Review & Giveaway {Closed}

My toddler is 23 months old and LOVES the iPad. What toddler or child these days doesn’t? It’s how I survive doctor’s appointments and gymnastics lessons without running a marathon.

Naturally, whether you homeschool or not, as parents we want to do our best to have the most age appropriate, educational games available for our little ones to play on our electronic devices.

Baby Learns Colors

So, I was THRILLED to review this app geared towards toddlers called Baby Learns Colors. With my oldest child, I of course sat down and read books daily about colors and objects. Then, with child number two, I did it a little less. And now, let’s be honest . . . with homeschooling, being pregnant, housework, other children to care for, etc. The time just isn’t there for me to devote those learning moments for my toddler. There. I said it.

Here’s a little about my toddler, see if you can relate:

  • Loves the iPad
  • Loves the iPhone
  • Doesn’t have a ton of verbal words (10-12 or so)
  • Short attention span
  • Easily distracted
  • Very active

When I sat my little one down to play with Baby Learns Colors, it was an instant hit. There was no need for me to sit with him! The app is self-guided and the language the program uses to talk to your child is a child-friendly voice and VERY clear. I loved that to help with his speech. Here are the major highlights of Baby Learns Colors:

Includes a ‘Learn’ or ‘Play’ Feature

I loved this aspect. In the ‘Learn’ portion of the app, the child can point and play without any interruption from the game as the names of the colors are called out to the child depending on what he touches. There are 3 versions of the Learn section for the child to discover, so boredom isn’t an option!

Baby Learns Colors app

The ‘Play’ Feature

This is the ‘test’ section, if you will. The BEST part of this section is that my older kids LOVED helping my little one figure out the colors. The game simply asks the children to point to colors as brightly colored fish, rockets, or other graphics float by. My son loved it!

‘Paint’ Feature

There is also a section for your child to simply ‘paint’ by choosing from a pallet and then painting pre-drawn objects as he pleases. HUGE hit. Even my 3 year old wanted to play with it!

‘Reward’ Feature

Each time your child correctly identifies a color, they get to choose a sticker and paste it into a sticker scene. Although my little one didn’t quite understand this, his big brothers were happy to help with sticker selection!

Baby Learns Colors app

Additional features include:

  • • a built-in recorder to create your own unique voicover
  • • the option to download any custom voiceover in more than 20 languages from the Baby Learns community

All in all, GREAT toddler app. Even if you have children a bit older that need help with colors, I’d say it’s a very small investment with a huge reward for them as well!

The company also has a Baby Learns Objects application which I’m planning on downloading TODAY!

You won’t regret this purchase moms – I promise!

Learn more about the Baby Learns family of apps at their website and on Facebook & Twitter.

Baby Learns Colors Giveaway

We’re giving away THREE copies of the Baby Learns Colors app to three of our HHM readers! Ready to win one for your little one? Enter below . . .

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway ends October 18. See complete contest rules here.

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  1. I just got an ipad a few days ago, exclusively for use in our homeschooling. I can’t wait to find more apps like this one. I plan on using it for math, geography, videos/visual aids, and preschool games. Oh, and I’m going to put all of our SOTW audiobooks on it.

  2. We utilize our laptop for our language, and some read aloud follow along stories, and educational dvds on our tv. Would love and IPAd it would help so very much. I have an 8, 3 and 1 year old. My 3 yr old boy is active extreemly he knows 500 words, but is not able to identify what color is which and other things. This would help soooo very much!

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