B-Rad the Baby Sloth

Sloths seem to be all the rage right now. I’ve seen so many videos with them lately. But THIS ONE is the best yet.

His name is B-Rad and he is a rescue animal at Kids Saving the Rainforest in Costa Rica. This little guy was found after being abandoned and was taken to the sanctuary for rehabilitation and will eventually be released back into the wild. This sanctuary has an entire effort surrounding saving sloths! You can read about it here.

B-Rad is a three toed sloth and came to the sanctuary when he was just one day old. You can see his baby pictures here. And if you want to track updates about B-rad, you can follow along here.

They are actually really fascinating and would be an amazing study! Show your kiddos this video and see if it will spark their curiosity and prompt more study!

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