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Apologia Who Is God? Review

This year my family has fallen in love with Apologia as we are just finishing up our first year of their science curriculum. When I was presented with an opportunity to review one of their Bible courses, I jumped at the chance. I was hoping that it would be incredible, and it did not disappoint. It is written in a conversational style to the student and is geared towards ages 6-14. However, I am getting an awful lot out of it myself!

Everything is organized in such a clear manner with the Who Is God? curriculum. With some products out there, I feel like I need a Ph.D. just to understand how it works. That is definitely not needed here. There are ten lessons which have a suggested pace of about two weeks per lesson. The book opens with a How To Use This Book section that is clearly written and super easy to understand. It includes a suggested lesson plan, what key features you will find throughout the book, contact information if you need further help, and the overall lesson structure.

The products for this course are as follows:

A Textbook~

This beautiful book is laid out in such a great way to keep your child’s interest, but at the same time it has not become visually cluttered. The quality of the pages and book itself are excellent. In the first lesson, Where Am I building My Life?, I was hooked. There is scripture, solid teaching, life application, vocabulary, memory verses, and much more.

A Notebooking Journal~

The book opens by saying . . . “The book you hold in your hands is yours. You are the author, editor, and illustrator.” They had my daughter immediately. The Notebook also opens with a How To Use This Book section. It explains in clear detail the thirteen different types of activities the student will find throughout their journal. Such as: Hide It In My Heart, Word Puzzles, Praise Report, and Living Out Loud. What an amazing learning companion and keepsake this book will become.

An audio CD~

A very nice option if you are interested in having someone read aloud the book to your child. The voice on the CD is nice and calm and reads at a very manageable pace.

A color book~

I was quite pleased to find the color book that has pages that perfectly line up with the various stories being taught in the text book. This allows for a child to color while you read aloud to them or to give a younger child their own special work while the older ones complete the Notebooking Journal. It really is a fun option.

Who Is God? is the first course in a four-part series including Who Am I? Who Is My Neighbor? and What On Earth Can I Do? We will definitely be continuing on. I have zero complaints about this curriculum.

I think the best review I can give of this course comes from the simple words of my 11-year-old daughter. When asked what she thought about the Bible curriculum, she replied, “They just do everything in such a fun way that I can actually understand and remember what I have learned.” Thank you, Apologia!

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  1. Would love to win this to use for my 6 year old, since BSF will soon be coming to an end. The inclusion of the coloring book makes me think the curriculum is too young for my soon-to-be 10 and 12 year old kids.

  2. My children are elementary level, so the student planner would be for their age group. I’m not sure how else to answer that question lol. As for the giveaway, I would LOVE to win this for my kids!! We are just now starting to learn the stories of the bible, and we have A TON of questions, and we’re very confused and don’t know where to begin. I’ve been wanting this program for my kids, but I can’t afford it.

  3. Im a bit confused about the choices i have so..if its ok just choose for me. I love apologia’s science so Id love to win and try Who Is God.

  4. I would love to win! I will start homeschooling my 4th grade son in the fall. I know he would love this!

    1. Oops… forgot to say, I am not sure which planner would be best, but I have a second grader and fourth grader.

  5. This would be so awesome to have! My kids range from 2 to 17 and I am always looking for new ways to “reinvent” school to keep it fresh. I think any of the planners would be great-I am not picky!

  6. I would love to have this curriculum as my son will be in first grade. He is on the autism spectrum and I amalways looking for a bible curriculum that will help him learn it and comprehend it. This curriculum seems to do that. I hope I win if not I know whomever does win it will have great success for their children.

  7. As a mom of 12 who is homeschooling and has never tried Apologia I would love to win this. I have looked at it many times but didn’t know if it would work for us. I have a 7th, 6th, 5th, 3rd, 2nd and k-1 grader I’m sure the ciriclum will be great for someone.

  8. We have done an apologia study this past year and loved it. Would love to continue it again this year…

  9. We love Apologia! This is a great giveaway! Confused about the planner question though. I have elementary age children.

  10. I think this question might go with a different Apologia giveaway from before? But if not, my daughter will be going into 1st grade so whichever planner would work for her!

  11. Planner? Yes please. I would love to win this for my 3rd and 1st grader. I have been torn between apologia and my fathers world.

  12. I just heard about this curriculum last week and was really intrigued! Thanks for the review! Would LOvE to win it instead of buy it:) Happy Saturday!

  13. I have 4 children who are elementary age and 1 who is jr high age. We love Apologia science, and I would love to use Bible curriculum with them.

  14. I have been looking at this curriculum for a couple months. We also use Apologia Young Explorer’s science and love it. Thank for the thorough review! I am interested in starting with the Who is God? set!

  15. After reading this review, I’m wishing I would’ve purchased the Apologia Bible course at our recent homeschool convention! It sounds wonderful!

  16. Well, we have a soon to be 2nd grader and a soon to be 5th grader. But, I am not seeing your listing of planners. So not sure which one I would pick

  17. I have never used any Science curriculum other than Apologia, my two boys love it. I would love to win Who is God? set!

  18. I would love to win this to use with my two kids. I know hubby and I would get just as much out of it as them. =)

  19. I would love to win the Who is God set. I have elementary age children, so I would like to have the coloring book for them to use while I read.

  20. I keep hearing about Apologia but I haven’t tried them out yet. This would be a great opportunity. Thank you for reviewing this product and providing the give a way.

    1. for my 7th and 6th graders to use as family devotion. sorry I hit enter too quickly before finishing my post!!

  21. My 2 girls are elementary age and I have a son going into 9th grade. I’m not sure about the planner question. We would use this for the elementary girls. Thank you for this chance to win. 🙂

  22. This would be perfect for my 12 and 6 year old girls. We could use the journal and coloring book. Thanks for the great review!

  23. I guess I too am confused at the planner question. I have a 3rd and and 8th grader this Fall. We are so excited about the Who Is God series and would love to use it in our schooling as we love the Apologia science curriculum that we use.

  24. Yeah, I echo the confusion over the planner…do they get a planner in addition to the Apologia package? Anyway, my girls are both in 1st grade this year, so whichever would be best for them. 🙂

  25. We are planning to use this curriculum with our daughter when she reaches first grade! Have heard so many great things about it, and as you said, even believe I could learn from it. As far as student planners go, whichever would be appropriate for an elementary age child would be my choice. Thanks for the chance to win!

  26. I would love to win this curriculum. I have been searching for a science curriculum for my 11 yr old, and soon to be 8 yr old. This looks awesome!

  27. I have elementary aged boys and I am very interested in this program. Whatever planner you believe will be great for me.

  28. I have been looking at these products. We are using Apologia science for the first time next year. Winning this giveaway would be awesome!!

  29. What a blessing this would be! I have 2 children that would adore this curriculum. We would love this very curriculum. My children are 8-11.

  30. We used this curriculum this year and love it! We plan to continue use in coming years. We bought the coloring books for our younger children to color in as our older son and us read the stories, then he would do the corresponding work the next day…it made for great family time and was amazing how much even the little ones were absorbing in the process!

  31. I’ve been thinking of using this for my kids next year, so it would be wonderful to win. As for which planner, I’m a bit confused, because I don’t see where there is a planner in the prize.

  32. I have never seen this before linking to it through another page that I follow. It looks like a terrific program. I can’t wait to learn more about it!

  33. I have seen this advertized and wondered how it was. What a great review. I am looking forward to getting an opportunity to use this study. Praise God for people who God uses to make studies like this.

  34. I have an older elementary, and toddler to 1st grade so a mixture of the resources would be great. I have been looking at this for awhile now.

  35. We would be wanting to win this for our twelve year old child, Mariah. I am not sure what you meant for the planner, but we would love to win this set. If we can clarify a planner choice, we would love to!

    [email protected]

  36. This looks wonderful! We would need a planner for elementary age as we are entering 1st grade. Thanks for offering this! 😉

  37. I will homeschool my girls next year.. and they will be in 3rd and 5th grade.. 🙂 so the one that would help with that? thank you for hosting. 🙂

  38. I’m unsure as to what planner you are asking about as well. I don’t see it anywhere on the page or a link to planners. Having said that, if there is a planner for elementary students, that would be for us. We have children ages 9, 7, 5, and 4. I, too, have been considering trying this curriculum for our kids this coming year. It would be great to win it! Thank you for the opportunity.

  39. I am not sure which planners you are referring to, but one geared towards jr. high and high school would probably be the best choice for our children. Elementary planners are more readily available elsewhere.

  40. We’ve been looking into doing Apologia Science this coming year, and I’d love to try the Who is God curriculum! My son’s going into 2nd grade, and would love the journal. Thanks for the review and giveaway!!

  41. I’m unsure about choosing a planner… I don’t see that in the post, but my kiddos are early elementary. I’d love the chance to win the Who Is God? curriculum. It is on our wishlist for the fall. I LOVE Apologia!

  42. I love Apologia for high school but have never tried their material for younger kids. I will have a 7th grade boy and K girl next year and would love to have this in our school!

  43. Looks like amazing curriculum. We’d love to try it out. I have a rising 2nd grader and a rising 5th grader 🙂

  44. This will be our first year homeschooling. This would start us in the right direction.

  45. I was looking at the samples on Apologia and it looks like a very nice series. I would love to have this for my 13 year old son .It looks solid and that it would keep him interested.

  46. We are currently doing Apologia Science, and I’ve been looking at this curriculum for awhile now. I need something awesome for my kids to learn with!

  47. I have heard SO many great things about this program and would LOVE to try this! Thanks for the giveaway!

  48. I am very interested in starting this series with my boys (5 and 7). Would love to win it!

  49. Have begun the text, but can’t afford the accessories. Maybe this is the way! Love it!

  50. We love Apologia and would love to start this! My kids will look through and read the Science books without being told and get so excited about our science lessons. I’m sure this wouldn’t be any different! Haha!

  51. I would love to use this Apologia “Who is God?” program with my 2nd grader next year, and perhaps go through it again when she’s in upper elementary. My family has been impressed with Apologia’s Science curriculum for our older boys.

  52. I don’t know who would enjoy this more…me or my kids. We love science around here.

  53. I’ve been looking over this curriculum online and plan to use it next year. I love the foundation that this will give my daughter for a Christian worldview.

  54. I would love to win this because of the way Apologia uses this series of book to teach our children about worldviews and biblical truths (sound doctrine). We do not have this study & I would love to use it with our 3 kids.

  55. I adore these books! I only have the textbooks rather than the lapbook journal and other accessories. This book provides a perspective to understanding God that Bible studies and Sunday school do not about who God is and what He requires of us and why. I have 6 children.

  56. Thank you for the review! This looks like a wonderful help to teach my precious littles about God!! Thanks for the chance!

  57. This is our first year homeschooling and would LOVE to use this with my children. Thank you for the giveaway!

  58. My kids and I have used your Apologia Science the last 2 years and have LOVED it! We started with Flying Creatures and Astronomy. We love the the Biblical Truths that are woven into the curriculum reminding us how amazing our God is in all that He does! We also LOVE the journals! Apologia has made science fun and we would love to try this Bible class. Knowing how you have made your other materials, I know it will be nothing less than Amazing! Would love to be blessed by this material. =0)

  59. We have been looking into using the Who Is God curriculum so this would be a blessing to win. As far as a planner goes, my kids are between the grades of 4 – 7 (ages 9 1/2 – 12)…so whichever would work best for that grade/age group.

  60. We’ve been using Apologia science for the past two years, and will most likely continue with that curriculum…I have been searching for a good Bible curriculum and have been eyeballing this one in particular for a while…would love to win the first set!

  61. So excited to see this reviewed and offered as a giveaway. I have been looking at this and wondering if it would work for us. Thank you so much!

  62. I’ve also been looking at this study online for a while and am very curious about it. I’ve heard great things and would love to work through it with our children this year.

  63. I’ve been looking for a new Bible curriculum and since we already love Apologia Science, I think we would enjoy this too.

  64. My daughter and I both love Apologia Science and I would love to incorporate the apologia biblical into her daily life.

  65. I have looked into many studies since I started homeschooling 6 years ago. We started Apologia science last year recommended by a fellow hs friend and read about this series. As much as I would have liked to begin this, it was just not in our budget. So sad. I am excited to see this giveaway, I pray it will benefit whoever wins this package.

  66. I have requested a catalog! I’ve been looking for science material that teaches science from a Christian perspective.

  67. This looks exactly like the type of Bible curriculum that would engage my young son. I’m quite sure my preteen daughter would love the journaling aspect as well. It’s nice to find something that can work for both!

  68. We are looking for a Bible curriculum to begin, and I have heard great things about this one. Would love to win!!!

  69. I was just introduced to this series by a friend and would LOVE to have this to use with my 4 kids. I think it is just what we have been looking for. 🙂

  70. i have 6 kids but the planer is grate for my 9 and 10 year old the other kids the coloring book be grate , i have being praying for this , is what we are doing for sure i just hope we win it with realy be Gods grace.

  71. I have heard wonderful things about this series. I would love to do this study with my children. We love Apologia science and I am betting this is just as amazing.

  72. I would love to win this for my kids. I was hoping to look at it in person at our next convention. 🙂

  73. Looks like a great resource. My SIL used it this year and loved it. Thank you for offering this giveaway.

  74. I have had this on my “wish-list” for several months…just waiting for the funds to buy it, which never seem to come. 😉

  75. Pick me! Pick me! I have had my eye on this since my boys were 4 & 5. Now they are just old enough to do this so I NEED it! Please enter me to win. 🙂

  76. I have been interested in this series forever now – I’m so afraid they are going to outgrow it before I can get it. 🙂

  77. I saw this at Apologia Live in Atlanta & really would love to win it for my boys!

  78. We are in dire need of a new Bible curriculum that my daughter and I can use together in the morning. I was wanting something that would touch both of our hearts and guide us closer to God. This curriculum was one that I was interested in trying this year. I LOVE Apologia and it would be a blessing to own their Bible curriculum. The notebooking journal looks amazing!!!! It will definitely be a treasury that lasts a lifetime for the winner. This is for sure on my wish list.
    God bless, Tracey M.

  79. I’ve been wondering if this would be a good fit for us, so I appreciate your review of this product. Thanks!

  80. I have been looking at this Biblical worldview curriculum to do with my oldest child (first grader) next year. I was waiting to see it in person at the Arlington Homeschool Book Fair this coming weekend. Thank you for the detailed review! I am expecting my fourth baby this summer, so I would like to have a Bible curriculum for my son (as opposed to creating one on my own this year) to give myself a little break from so much preparation time. Thanks so much for the giveaway… I would love to win!! 🙂

  81. I would love to win this curriculum because teaching my children about God is my number one priority as a homeschool mom. I believe this curricula could help them to better understand Him and His Word.

  82. I am beginning the homeschool journey this fall with my girls – K and 2nd grade. I have heard so any good things about Apologia, and would love the Bible curriculum!

  83. I would like to win because we are currently going through this book… with limited funds for homeschooling this year… I’d like to get the next book or one of the next books in this series for us to use next year.

  84. I have heard great things about Apologia curriculum, although never used it myself. Looking for 1st grade curriculum and this sounds like a great option! Thanks for the giveaway!

  85. I would love this curriculum because I am still trying to find a science program I like.

  86. I would love to win this. I have looked at it for years and now that they have the coloring book and journal I’m glad I’ve waited.

  87. I have heard this is a great curriculum. Like you, we love their science books. This would be fantastic for our kids to give them a solid foundation for their faith. Thanks for the chance to enter!

  88. I LOVE Apologia and have wanted to use these with my sons. Coming to know Jesus and following Him with their life is my main goal in schooling them. Thanks for the review!!

  89. We are using Apologia science this year and love it. I would love to try their bible series to help my children learn more about God and the bible

  90. My friend just had this at our bible study yesterday! we have a homeschool room where all our kids go while we have our bible study, and afterwards i asked her about the books she had with her, and she replied, almost word for word your initial sentiment – that it’s geared toward 6-14 year olds (which i think is a generous range, anyway!) but that she was learning a lot herself! i was impressed, and now i want it for my family next school year!

  91. I’m impressed with Apologia’s science and would really like a good Bible curriculum like this. Thank you for the review!

  92. I love their science program, and have been looking for a Bible curriculum to use, it would be nice to try this out…

  93. We just tried the Astronomy book this year and my kids loved it! They asked for science every day. I know their Bible curricula will be a wonderful compliment to our daily studies and if it’s anything like the science was, it will be a big hit!

  94. Thank you for offering us the chance to win such a generous prize. I would love to win this because we have not been attending church since we moved and I would like to introduce some regular spiritual learning into my childrens lives. I have a child who has been going through some rough times, has recently begun homeschooling, and desperately needs some positive guidence-I would love to be able to share this with him. Thank you again for your generosity.

  95. We have also been enjoying Apologia for science and I haven’t been able to justify the expense of one of these sets of curriculum but I’d love to give them a try!

  96. We use Apologia also and love it. I have not tried this one. I would love this. Thank you for the opportunity.

  97. Have recently been introduced to apologia and think it is something my children would really benefit from.

  98. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this curriculum! I have been looking for a good one that went a little more in depth than what I am using but still able to be used with multiple ages. We would love this! It would fill a special place in our day to day lives!

  99. I would love to win this because we are planning on using it next year and I haven’t bought it yet!

  100. I would like to win this because it is already on my wish list for curriculum. 🙂 Bible, knowing God, is THE most important thing we can teach our children.

  101. It sounds amazing, I’m bringing my son home to school with my 4th grader so the notebook & coloring book options would be blessing so they can both learn together. It sounds like exactly why i’ve been looking for! Hoping I might win! 🙂

  102. LOVE Apologia! Glad to see it had a positive review. Hoping to use it with my 12 yr old and 8 yr old homeschoolers 🙂

  103. I’d love to win because I’ve heard so many good things about this book but don’t have the $ to include it in my homeschooling curriculum this year.

  104. I have heard so many good things about this program!
    Thanks for the chance to win,

  105. We are doing Apologia Astronomy this year and it has been wonderful. If the bible curriculum is anywhere near it, I would love to have it! Thanks.

  106. Been looking for a good Bible curriculum for next year. We have not used Apologia but have been looking into it. Thank you so much for the review!

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