Adorable Frozen-Inspired Bookmark Tutorial

Are your kids (and/ or you) getting excited about the release of Frozen 2? We sure are! In honor of the upcoming movie, and the holiday season, we wanted to bring you this adorable, Frozen-inspired craft that you can enjoy making with your kids! When you are done, you will have these cute Elsa and Olaf-inspired bookmarks to give away, or to use while you cuddle up with a book and a cup of hot cocoa!

Homeschooling side note: Can we suggest Hans Christian Anderson’s The Snow Queen (which inspired Disney’s Frozen) as a great story to read with your children after seeing Frozen 2? You can even use your new bookmarks while you read it! Below you’ll find some of our resources for studying this classic, wintery fairy tale!

What You’ll Need:

1. This free PDF template (click to download)

2. Colored craft paper

3. Popsicle sticks

4. Sequins

5. Pencil

6. Pen

7. Pink highlighter pen

8. Scissors

9. Craft glue

10. X-ACTO knife


How to Make It:

Before you start this craft, make sure you’ve downloaded and printed out this free template, which has everything you need to make both Elsa and Olaf inspired bookmarks.  Below, I’ll show you a tutorial of how to make Elsa–the slightly more complicated of the two. Still, they are both super fun and easy to make. Children of most ages should be able to make them (with help during the X-ACTO knife part, of course).

Once you’ve printed out your template, carefully cut out the given patterns. Next, pick out the craft papers in the appropriate colors for the different shapes in the templates. For Elsa, you’ll want a piece of yellow craft paper for Elsa’s hair, a cream color for the body, baby blue for the dress, and a lighter blue shade for the gown.

Trace the different patterns for Elsa bookmark pattern on the selected craft papers and then carefully cut them out.

Next, you’re going to make a little cut in the piece that makes up Elsa’s hair. This will allow you to slide her face into it and give the design a more 3D quality. To do this, simply take the hair cutout and use a pencil to trace the shape that is marked by the red lines in the template. Use the X-ACTO knife (this is the part where an adult may want to take over) and cut the slits as shown by the pattern.

Next, take the Elsa body cutout and slide the head into the slit you made in the hair, so that it looks like Elsa’s hair is parted on one side and swooping across her forehead.

Once you’ve made any adjustments needed for the fit, apply a bit of glue to the head and securely attach Elsa’s hair.

Next, use a bit of glue to attach the paper cape (which should be the lighter blue color) onto the front of the body cutout.

Now attach the dress cutout to the top of the gown, making sure it’s in a good position before gluing it down.

To complete Elsa’s look, use a fine-tipped pen to draw her eyes, nose and mouth. You can use a pink highlighter, if you like, to add some rosy cheeks. Feel free to use the simple, cheerful design we did for Elsa’s face (as seen below). Of course, you can also be creative and design your own version of Elsa’s face!

For the final step, use some craft glue to attach a pop-sickle stick to the back of your Elsa bookmark! Make sure everything is completely dry before using, then grab your favorite book and enjoy your adorable new bookmark! The Olaf bookmark template is included in the free PDF, and is even easier to make.  I hope that you and your children enjoy this fun craft and find many excuses to curl up with a wonderful book this winter and enjoy reading together!

Do you plan to make and use these Adorable, Frozen-Inspired Bookmarks? Let us know! Better, yet, drop us a photo comment or tag us (#hiphomeschoolmoms) on your social media images! We’d love to see how you customize your own, unique bookmarks! 

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