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5 Ways to Make Spelling Fun

Spelling can be one of those subjects that kids dread, even if they are good at it.  There just isn’t much excitement when it comes to spelling – weekly spelling lists, spelling practice, spelling rules, spelling worksheets – not very much fun for most kids.  But spelling practice can be fun!  Just add in a little activity and/or movement to your spelling practice, and spelling could very well turn into a favorite subject.

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Here are some ideas to spice up spelling in your homeschool!


Instead of having your children spell their words in typical ‘ole pencil-and-paper fashion, have them use manipulatives to practice spelling.

Letter blocks, beads, foam letters (like the ones for the bathtub), milk bottle caps with letters on them, puzzle pieces, magnetic letters, and Legos are just a few ideas to use instead of pencil and paper.


Sensory Spelling

Another fun way to for kids to practice their spelling words is by using a fun (and messy) substance to spell the words in.

There are so many things you could use for this; here are some ideas – salt, sugar, flour, pudding, whipped cream, shaving cream, and sand.



Most kids will love the chance to get up and out of their seats during school time, so add a little movement to your spelling practice.

Have your children spell their words out loud and with each letter they say, have them do some kind of movement.  Have them do a jumping jack for each letter, or jump up and down, or hop up a step, or somersault, or any other creative movements they would like.



Anytime I can turn learning into a game or add a game into our day to reinforce learning, I do it!  We love games around here, and here are some ideas for spelling games.

Hide & Seek Spelling – Fill an empty peanut butter jar with rice and alphabet beads (several of each letter) and crazy glue the top on.  Then have your children search for each letter of their spelling words.

Jump On It Spelling – Write each letter of the alphabet on a 4×6 blank index card.  Spread all 26 of the cards out on the floor.  Call out one of your children’s spelling words and have them jump, hop, or skip to each of the letters as they spell the word.  If having all of the cards out is too overwhelming for a younger child, just spread out 10 or so and call out words that can be spelled with those 10 letters.  Slowly add in letters as the child becomes more confident.

If you don’t mind your kids using electronics to aid in learning, there are some great spelling apps that can help make spelling more enjoyable.



Be Crafty

Get crafty with your spelling.  Instead of using a pencil to write the words, use something else such as crayons, markers, chalk, or window crayons.

Other crafty things you can do with your spelling words are – spell out your words with letter beads and turn it into a necklace, cut out letters from magazines and newspapers and glue them to a piece of paper as you spell out your words, use letter stencils to spell words, use letter stickers, use letter stamps, or use colored glue to spell your words.


I hope the ideas above will make spelling more fun and enjoyable in your homeschool!

Do your kids think spelling is boring?
What are some ways you make it more fun?

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