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Oak Meadow Curriculum Sale and Giveaway

Yearning for the educational freedom to explore your interests, talents, and passions? Oak Meadow offers experiential, progressive curriculum for kindergarten through grade 12. And each grade or course includes a teacher’s manual with 36 weekly lesson plans that cover all subject areas and include a variety of assignments, activities, readings, and supplementary activities. (Supplementary materials include things such as readers, craft books, and craft kits.)

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You have two options to choose from: independent use or enrollment.

  • Independent use: This option allows the student to use the curriculum at his or her own pace. The weekly lesson plan structure gives you the flexibility to adapt the curriculum according to your child’s learning style and your family’s lifestyle. The curriculum features a choice of creative, hands-on assignments that can be selected to match your child’s visual, auditory, and physical learning strengths and interests.
  • Enrollment: This option allows the family/ student to set the daily and weekly schedules and submit work to the teacher every two weeks. Regular submission of work ensures that students complete courses in a timely manner, however students may work at an accelerated pace if desired. Teachers assist families in tailoring the curriculum to meet each child’s interests and needs.

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The curriculum follows children’s natural developmental stages:

  • Grades K-3: In these grades, the parent is the primary teacher, and the curriculum speaks to the home teacher.
  • Grade 4: The transition to more independent study starts in this grade.
  • Grades 5-8: In these grades and beyond, the curriculum speaks to the student, and students are encouraged to be more independent learners with parents providing support.
  • Grades 9-12: Students are expected to learn and work independently with parents providing support when and if it is needed.

A few more details about experiential learning:

  • Grades K-4: Because young children learn primarily through experiences such as imitation and hands-on activities, our kindergarten through fourth grade curriculum features lots of healthy activity, movement, and working with materials (mostly natural) like paints, beeswax, crayons, and clay. Some examples of such hands-on activities are baking bread, making musical instruments, and collecting rocks.
  • Grades 5-8: Students at these ages develop skills in critical thinking and creative problem solving through a variety of projects, assignments, and community service learning. They participate in research assignments and extended projects, and they are asked to interpret information, form opinions, and express their thoughts clearly and cohesively. The curriculum is separated into coursebooks: English, history, science, math, and social studies.
  • Grades 9-12: The Oak Meadow approach continues through high school, where academics become more rigorous and challenging. High school students are encouraged to make learning their own through electives, Advanced Placement, college level courses, dual enrollment, and life experiences (for which they can get credit) along with our advanced study program in which students create their own self-directed projects.

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Our courses are also nature-based. Studies show that nature play is important for children of all ages. Oak Meadow’s curriculum supports going outside in nature to learn math, science, and language skills, and it encourages curiosity and wonder.

Our courses are interdisciplinary: This simply means that many courses combine two or more academic disciplines. For example, in 7th grade, students study classic literature in English and ancient history in social studies. These interdisciplinary classes allow students to see and learn how these different branches are related as well as to experience how they enrich each other.

For more information and a description of the curriculum for each grade, K-8, and an overview of the 36-week lesson plan, click  this link and then click on the block with the grade level you’d like to learn more about. For grades 9-12, click this link.

To see samples of the lesson plans for each grade level, click this link and choose the level you’re interested in previewing.

We would also like to let you know that you can save 10% off enrollment and 15% off materials in our online Bookstore from now through Memorial Day! Just visit us at Oak Meadow for more information! Happy homeschooling!

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And don’t forget to enter below for a chance to win $100 toward purchases in the Oak Meadow Bookstore!


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  1. I would love to check out the material. I have been interested in it for years but can’t seem to make the jump! I definitely plan to use it for 8th grade but I would love to check out an earlier grade as well.

  2. I’m looking at their new health book. Looks like a wonderful option for the many different grade levels I teach 🙂

  3. I love this curriculum. I have used if for 3rd-6th so far and plan on continuing next year!

  4. I would love to try a curriculum this year as we used none this past year. It was great but I’d like to try something new 😀

  5. We are new to homeschooling and still trying to figure out what is going to work best for us! I see a lot of things that might be a good fit for us!

  6. I’ve been intrigued by the idea of a Waldorf-inspired curriculum for a long time. I think it would be a great fit for my oldest daughter and I really want to try it out next year!

  7. I would love to let my boys experience the type of education promoted by Oak Meadow. They are “out of the box” kids and would thrive in an environment that allows them to explore things more thoroughly and based on their interests and strengths!

  8. I’ve heard of Oak Meadow since our first year at home, but have never given it serious consideration due to the price. A GC would allow me to explore it as a valid option.

  9. I have enjoyed Oak Meadows program with my 1st, 2nd and 4th graders! The nature aspect is especially appealing to our family. I would like to win because I have a ton of materials on my curriculum wish list for next year. Winning would be a big help towards that goal!

  10. I have been interested in Oak Meadow since I discovered it two years ago and my son is nearly 5 now and ready to jump into a curriculum like this! I think this would really keep his interest as a gifted learner. Thanks for opening up this giveaway!

  11. As a 12 year veteran homeschooler I have tried so many different curricula. I think this would be a great fit for my middle daughter & son.

  12. I’m very interested in this nature based curriculum as it sounds like a perfect fit for son. Its hard for me to make the plunge into a curriculum without seeing it first.

  13. I would love for my children to be able to tap into what Oak Meadow offers…I have been a “window shopper” for some time and really love so much of what I see. This would be a wonderful opportunity to actually be able to have Oak Meadow in hand. This would be a blessing! Thank you for offering the opportunity!

  14. I would love to try this out! It is nearly impossible to find this curriculum used, and it is hard to commit to purchase it not knowing for sure if we would love it!

  15. I would love to check out their curriculum. I’ve looked at them several times over the years, so to be able to try them out would be wonderful!

  16. We just agreed to homeschool our kindergarten aged daughter. I’ve been looking high and low for the perfect fit in a complete curriculum. Oak Meadow has my vote.

  17. This will be my first year homeschooling and still have yet to choose my curriculum. Oak meadow is actually secular which is why it’s one of my choices! I’d love to try it for my hands on little guy!

  18. Oak Meadow is a curriculum that I have wanted to try for a long time. As a mom of 5 children, the gift certificate will help make the curriculum more affordable. My children are hands on learners and I believe this would be a great fit. My oldest has ADHD and I think him and his siblings would thrive with this curriculum. Thank you for the oppertunity.

  19. I am looking for a way to have rhythm and nature in our homeschool life, without rigid structure – a curriculum that honours childhood. Oak Meadow would be great!

  20. I would be excited to use my winnings towards the first grade curricula. I’ve has my eyes on it. It looks enchanting.

  21. I’d use the money to help buy the 2nd grade curriculum. I can see my son thriving from its use and am very intrigued.

  22. I would use the money to help buy the kindergarten curriculum! It’s my first year homeschooling.

  23. Working on a curriculum for my 9th grader and think Oak Meadow would be a welcome addition to our year! 🙂

  24. My son has been using this curriculum for the past year, 1st grade. It is flexible and can be expanded upon as his interests dictate. Mostly we have learned so much through this curriculum and The Heart of Learning how to read his rhythm and it has helped us understand him through this very spirited age.

  25. I would use the money for extra supplies for the Oak Meadow Curriculum that my son will be receiving through our charter school this fall

  26. We plan on using OM1 this year, I’d use the money to buy part curriculum and a few fun things from their store too.

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