What to Get a Homeschool Mom for Christmas

Let’s face it…. homeschooling moms are a different breed. (Also, work-at-home moms, and stay-at-home moms!) We don’t need the same kinds of things many other women do, and we don’t ask for the same kinds of things for our kids. Our lifestyles make for a lot of unusual needs and wants, don’t they?

If your family is anything like mine, your husband doesn’t always catch on to the fact that you don’t really mean it when you say “I don’t want anything this year.” until December 22nd or so. By the time he realizes it, he may be so panicked he can’t think straight enough to come up with any good ideas of his own. (Please tell me this happens to you, too?)

Here are a few ideas for what to buy a homeschool mom this Christmas, for the hapless husband and for extended family who just need a clue:

Maid Service. I’ve never met a homeschooling mom who was caught up on window-washing or mopping. (Except one, and she’s a miracle.) One day of intense cleaning help can go a long way toward getting the house clean enough so she can feel like it’s possible to get back on track again—at least for a little while.

Or not. One good clean-up might be nice for some moms, but if the lady you have in mind has deeper issues (not me, of course), a cleaning service might just make her feel like an incompetent housekeeper. Depends on the mom.

Something nice to wear. Picking the right size is hard, and tastes differ, so a gift card to a boutique that doesn’t sell blue jeans or kitchen towels might be the best way to give this gift. Just make sure she knows it’s not to be used for anything practical, no matter how tempted she is!

Someplace nice to wear it. We homeschooling moms spend most of our time in the house with the kids, or on field trips with the kids, or at church with the kids or….well, you get it. It’s always with the kidsYou try wearing a lovely dress and heels while changing and teaching science classes at the co-op. Tickets to a play or concert and dinner at a really fancy restaurant will give your homeschooling mama a chance to forget about her responsibilities and feel special for a night.

The gift of time. This one is especially for husbands. One of the sweetest things you can do for your wife is give her a chance to do whatever she likes without a half-dozen voices (including your own) asking for something. Make a book of 52 coupons, each good for two hours of completely undisturbed time. That’s only two hours a week. Tell me she doesn’t guard at least that much time for you each week so you can unwind! (I know I do that for my hubby!)

A laminator. Some other piece of educational equipment that’s more of a luxury than a necessity would work just as well, if a laminator doesn’t float your boat. Some moms might not like practical gifts, but I think most of us do, as long as they’re appropriate. Every homeschool mom I know has an Amazon wishlist a mile long, chock full of things she’d like to purchase for her homeschool.

I’m sure there are lots of things I haven’t thought of. What’s on your wishlist this year, moms?

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  1. Oh, yeah! Books! (That’s on my list, but I somehow didn’t get it into the post. What I get for procrastinating and doing it up in a hurry, I guess.)

  2. I did not get my laminator Christmas, but I may as well have! We just received ours in the mail this past Friday. We got an awesome one that is normally $80 for $16.99! I was so excited to have my own, it was like Christmas!

  3. Books to read for pleasure. I love to read and that’s my momma time…the time just for me. Of course several books would be nice since I get into a book and have it read in a weekend.

  4. I will appreciate #1 – how I long to see my house completely clean and in order – from the basement to the second floor.

    I will also appreciate a special date with my husband. It is just so difficult to have that when there are a lot of little children. And since I am not inclined to leave them to a baby sitter (unless they are our close relatives), I guess I will have to wait some more years before I get a night out with my husband.

    And that gift of time sounds truly exciting. 🙂

    Great post. Thanks. 🙂

  5. Oh ya Amazon wish list is more like a book for me! Number one thing on my list this year is a new wireless printer so I can print right from my iPhone! Yep and if I don’t get this momma is gonna snag the tax return and it’s on the top of the list! That and a zillion othe tech goodies and school stuff right down to new white board crayons!

  6. Def. some time to just mindlessly shop—but my favorite boutique is Goodwill!
    I like the laminator idea too~ Merry Christmas all you wonderful moms!

  7. Yes, my Amazon list is a mile long! But lucky for me, I do have a laminator.

    An Amazon gift card, an iTunes gift card, a massage would be nice, or a hair cut even {those are few and far between for most homeschool Moms…or at least me}. Personally, I would love a gift card to some place that I can’t buy groceries or even something for the kids. It seems I’m always giving to them, so it’s hard to do something for myself. We Moms are so selfless! Great post! I shared it on my Facebook page. =)

  8. Congratulations. You’ve just made me feel that I have nothing to complain about. But I totally get you on the gift thing. My honey totally does not get gifts yet. I figure it’ll click in about another 10 years. But my husband is always demanding that I take time for myself and making sure I buy things for myself too, not just scrimping and saving for the kids etc.
    Your list was great. I think the one thing I would have if I could have is a jig saw. But then my home schoolers are still home preschoolers! Thanks for the post!

  9. That’s a good list! And I really do love the hand made items from my children….time is short, it’s for only a season, like a vapor……

  10. I got out for a haircut last week – I would add a pedicure!! (either from the kids) or professional if funds allow!! I love it! Something feels so good about having your toes look good in the middle of winter when no one else will see them!!

  11. My husbands work provided him with a laser printer at home. I fell in love, I had to buy some ink cartridges but ohh the love to print anything I wanted. My husband had a change in his job and he had to take the printer back to work. I cried!!!!. He asked what I wanted for Christmas and I told him I wanted another Laser printer, and color if we could afford it, please, please. I hope he listens!

  12. I love my scanner/copier/printer, use it nearly every day! I highly recommend it as a gift to a homeschool mom! I only wish I had one with color but they are MUCH more expensive.

  13. Cindy, You always crack me up…the house cleaning thing…that’s why we have kids, right? hahahaha! But, someone’s got to train them to do it! Yep, gotta add the books….and maybe a little chocolate? HUGS!

  14. How about a GC to a masseuse! Some women won’t go unless someone has already paid for it. (I am definitely not one of those types. I love me some Hand and Stone!)

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