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A Tool Every Homeschool Parent Needs {giveaway CLOSED}

All moms, homeschool moms especially, want to fully understand their children’s strengths so that they can be better parents (or teachers) and their children can be better learners. Sounds simple, right?


For a community that relies on tools in order to create a space where kids can grow and thrive, there is surprisingly little out there to help parents understand which tools are going to be best for their children’s strengths and learning styles. We heard you loud and clear, homeschool moms. And we have created something just for you (well, it’s actually for everyone, but we are particularly psyched to open it up to the homeschool community): The Thrively online Strength Assessment.

Understanding Your Child’s Strengths

Thrively is a family website that helps kids identify their strengths and discover and pursue their passions. It begins with our online Strength Assessment, which is the only strength assessment developed specifically for children. Two board-certified pediatric neuropsychologists helped us develop a series of kid-friendly questions that cover 23 different strength areas. At the end of the short quiz, your child immediately receives a Strength Profile, which will offer insights into his or her dynamic personality. Some of them may be obvious to you (you’re Mom after all!) – but some may surprise you. And who doesn’t love learning more about their kids? The Strength Profile can also help you in your quest to understand your children’s learning styles and to use that knowledge to help improve their education. If you discover that your child is a Poet Laureate, you can modify your curriculum a bit to stimulate your child’s creative, thoughtful energy. If your child is a Renaissance Kid, then he or she might enjoy learning and exploring new things more independently. Thrively allows you to develop those strengths while also providing the opportunity to nurture new strength areas.

Hackschooling Made Easy

Once your child completes the Strength Assessment, select interests from over 200 areas, from ballet to biking, web design to waterskiing, and everything in between. Thrively has over 100,000 activities, which sounds overwhelming, but it just shows that the possibilities out there are endless. Searching for what you know you’re looking for is easy. What’s hard is finding all the cool stuff out there that you don’t know about yet. Your activity stream on the parent dashboard is the place to discover programs that are unique or off the beaten path. We have carefully curated each activity so what is shown in your recommended stream is a direct match to both your strengths and interests. The activities may be online, right in your neighborhood, or something worth traveling for. Compassionate and love animals? We’ll match you with a volunteer opportunity at your local SPCA. Analytical and love art? We’ll present you with Minecraft modding class that can be done online. As you dismiss or favorite the activities, Thrively learns what you like and don’t like and improves your recommendations. Add contacts to your Social Circle and easily follow what your friends are up to.


Homeschoolers can use Thrively to find activities that are complementary to curriculum, act as electives, or build on strengths. It’s essentially hackschooling at your fingertips – your children can explore activities and courses that they may not otherwise find, allowing them to dive into an area of interest or develop a new one. For example, a child that loves photography can take it all the way with black and white, digital media, or photojournalism classes. Many activity providers have created activities specifically for homeschool students. Enter “Homeschool” into the advanced search feature and see all of the options near you.

Stay Organized

So, Thrively offers a unique strength assessment for children and the largest database of children’s activities known to man. What kind of people would we be if we didn’t offer you a way of organizing all of your child’s information and activities? We’d be cruel, cruel people. But we are constantly conceiving and building new tools to make your life a bit easier and your child’s life a lot more enriching, so the makers in the Thrively lab created a tool to do just that: Activity Boards.


Activity Boards allow you to organize activities and create goals with your children. It’s kind of like Pinterest for activities, except it won’t send you spiraling down into a funnel of cute cat videos – it helps you manage and focus on activities that are best for your child. Organize a board around a theme, like this Hip Homeschool Board, or organize it around a child, for example “Matthew’s tennis camp options.” You can create a Goals board of activities that your child is working toward or a board you think a friend would like.

Become a Thrively Parent

Let’s create a new pathway to how we look at our children and ourselves. At Thrively we believe every kid has superpowers. All children can discover their passions when families are given the right knowledge and opportunities. Thrively is here to help parents learn more about their children and support them in creating healthy and reinforcing environments in which their children can thrive. Become a Thrively parent and join our community of superkids.

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