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To the First-Time Homeschooling Mom

Did you know that there is an amazing community of homeschoolers over on the Hip Homeschool Moms Facebook group?

Did you even know that Hip Homeschool Moms had a Facebook group?

The community has over 4000 members that are so full of encouragement and support for one another.  They come from all walks of life, all backgrounds, all kinds of homeschool philosophies and methods, and they all come together to help their fellow homeschoolers.  The group has truly been a blessing to so many moms.

Well, with new school years on the horizon (and some that have already started) and with so many homeschoolers embarking on this journey for the first time, I thought I’d reach out to veteran homeschoolers in the Hip Homeschool Moms Community on Facebook and ask them to share words of wisdom and advice to moms who are taking this big leap into homeschooling.

Homeschooling Mom

And here is what they had to say:

Take your time. Live each day for what it is- a treasure! Accept that there will be days when going outside might be better than staying inside. If your son/daughter isn’t learning or enjoying the curriculum, then change it up or modify it! Have fun and enjoy the process… and take care of yourself.
~ Katie – mother of 1, homeschooling for 3 years

Go slow! Especially if you’ve just come out of the traditional school environment. It takes time to adjust to a new way of life. Be kind to yourself and your child. You can do this!
~ Crystal – mom of 4 homeschooling for 4 years

“Don’t try to copy public school, you chose to not send them on that route for a reason!”


The biggest obstacle faced at the start of homeschooling was the perfect image in my head! So my advice to all those getting started is take it easy! Don’t try to copy public school; you chose to not send them on that route for a reason! Be flexible and listen to your students! They will show you what works best for them as individuals! Breathe and take a moment (or 20) for yourself! And know that meltdowns happen and you’re still doing great!!!!! Because really all it takes to be a really great homeschooler is Love, and willingness to always Learn! That goes for both Mom and Student!
~ Cassi – mom of 2, 3rd and 6th grade

Priorities are king. Never forget your #1 goal is to raise children who love and fear God. You are never “not” teaching. The life you live before your children will teach them way more than they will learn in those few hours of academic instruction.
~ Kathy & Danny – homeschooling parents for 10 years

Remember to enjoy your kids. It seems silly to say, but sometimes we get so caught up in trying to check off boxes that we forget why we wanted to do this in the first place – wanting to be with our kids. We can easily make an idol of education and completely miss the wonderful little people we’re raising.
~ Julie S. – mom of 11, ten year homeschooling veteran

“The life you live before your children will teach them way more than they will learn in those few hours of academic instruction.”


Don’t worry about strictly following a curriculum, and don’t worry if your kid just isn’t ‘as good’ as other kids his/her age. Try to get in touch with your child, his unique needs and learning style, and work at his pace. Pushing him through something he’s not ready for builds a disdain for that subject and learning over all. Keep it positive.
~ Emily – homeschooling for 4 years

Not every homeschool is the same. What works for others may not work for you and vice versa. Find what works for your kids and don’t be afraid to “think outside of the box” — make learning fun for everyone, including yourself.
~ Dawn – mom of 3, 5th year homeschooling

“Nurture relationships – they’re more important than academics.”


Put the Lord first each day and in your homeschool. Nurture relationships-they’re more important than academics. School will be done with one day, but you’ll always be their Mom. Teach character. Be willing to say you’re sorry and to forgive. Enjoy them-this time really does go so quickly!
~ Jodi – mom of 5, homeschooling 10 years

You will have good days, bad days, amazing days, and days that you want to quit. Hang in there, YOU CAN DO IT!
~ Allison – mom of 2, homeschooling for 12 years

Learn how to say “no” and protect the time with your family. It’s easy to get caught up in co-op, sports, etc., and often times people will need “favors” because they feel that you are “home all day and have the time.” No is a powerful word.
~ Jennifer – Mom of two, homeschooling and leading a co-op for 3 years

“Not every homeschool is the same.”


Loosen up! The beauty of homeschooling is that you can teach your children according to their individual needs, learning styles, and your family’s dynamics. Remember that your dynamics may change year to year; adjust and keep going!
~ Lisa – Mom of 6, homeschooling 12 years

Not every homeschooling day will go smoothly. Don’t take it personally when a lesson plan bombs or when a child refuses to complete an assignment. Take a deep breath, take a break, and try again when everyone’s calm. You can always catch up on schoolwork, but you can’t always catch up on helping your kids handle their feelings.
~ Selena R. – mom of four, homeschooling for six years

Give yourself grace every day! You don’t have to be a perfect mom/teacher – God chose you to be your kids’ mom because you, with all your strengths and weaknesses, are exactly what your children need. You and your children will learn just as much from the challenges as from the successes, and you get to be together on the journey!
~ Kim – homeschooling mom of 4

What advice would you give to the first-time homeschooling mom?

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  1. Love comment by:
    ~ Jennifer – Mom of two, homeschooling and leading a co-op for 3 years
    Her comment is so true and it is so easy to fall into these bad habits. We all want to help others and socialize our kids but this can become overwhelming quickly and when it does your homeschooling can suffer and so can you and your quality time with your kids. Learn to say no! I have learned to not answer right away. I will usually say “Let me check my calendar and get back with you.” or “Let me check with my husband and see what he has planned first.” That gives me time to think through if I am over loading my schedule first and then get back with that person. I have also learned that another persons poor planning and their emergency is not my emergency and I can not fix everything!
    I Love all these wonderful encouraging words and advice!
    homeschooling Mom for 6 years
    for rising 9th grade daughter and
    rising 10th grade daughter

  2. This is all great advice! I was homeschooled after 10 years in the public school system (including public school pre-K) and it took us awhile to figure out that our school didn’t have to look like public school. It took time to figure out that we could step outside of the ‘curriculum box’. I needed time to “deschool” and in the end, a more relaxed approach is what I needed. I graduated as a homeschooler and went on to do exactly what I wanted to do. I joined a missionary apprentice program and after completing it, I went on to a Bible institute. Now I’m married to a minister and we have plans to be foreign missionaries one day, Lord willing. If I had finished in public school, I probably wouldn’t have chosen a career with people because I was so embittered by the environment. Homeschool was so wonderful for me and I can’t wait to homeschool mine!

  3. I love how sometimes we come across what we need when we aren’t even looking for it! Came here to read another post and saw the title of this one and had to read!
    This will be my first year homeschooling. (We did preschool but then our daughter went to public school for kindergarten…)

    Off to join the FB group!

  4. My son will be a freshman in high school and he is pleading wih me to homeschool him. I am not sure about his commitment to do the work. I am a mom who works full-time and I am concerned about the workload(his and mine). My desire is for homeschooling, I am not sure that is the path the Lord would have us take. Any thoughts or pointers are welcome.

  5. I am a cop and have been for only 3 short years. My eyes are finally WIDE OPEN! The public school system now terrifies my husband and I.We see all the ugly, all the truth. Many say “Don’t start to shelter your children!” If only they knew what I now know. I withdrew my children this year from public schools. I will now be home-schooling three beautiful souls and one more in the near future. Many tell me that I am taking on too much. I admit that I am scared, but I refuse to allow their souls to be broken and molded by our “convenient” lifestyles. I see children smothering in society each and every day. I want to raise strong, intelligent, and free thinking individuals.
    <3 I take on this challenge and will succeed!

  6. Wow! Great Advice! Thank you so much for sharing!!! I definitely needed that. We’re preparing for our first year homeschooling.

  7. Hey Sarah.

    Thank you for this. I am a mum of triplet girls have decided I want to homeschool the girls.

    They are 1 next month and I wanted to start tot school with them, do you think it’s too young?

  8. Thank you for this article. I am feeling lead to pull my girls out of public school and it’s blog posts like this that give me courage when I am scared 🙂

  9. Wow I am motivated. I have decided to homeschool my kids. I am new to this concept. i stumbled across this page while searching about homeschooling. I thank each and everyone who he posted. The comments on why we took them out of the public system and how we live our life molds our children is so true. I am moved by the spirit and motivated by this site. Thank u. Prayers to all and to prayers to new parents in homeschooling like me. Already feeling tension from other people. But hey, free thinkers and intelligent ones, my reason for so choosing this route.

    I am not raising any child of mine to conform and refer to Wikipedia as a resource. I am doing it right and thru Gods eyes and guidance. I too will succeed!!!

  10. This is a great post! When we first started homeschooling I tried to create a classroom in my home. Everything was scheduled, structured, and looked just like school. I had to learn that that wasn’t why I homeschooled. Once I realized how they learned I ditched the desk and got messy with the kids. I am so glad I did!

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