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Standard Deviants Accelerate – Review & Giveaway!

A Note to Our Readers: At the bottom of this review, you will find information about some changes that are coming very soon and that will make this program even better suited to homeschooling families! You can also find more information for parents by clicking here. At the time of this writing, the changes are being made, and they will be completed some time in late December (2014) or January (2015). You’ll also find information about how you can enter to win a free 1-year subscription! And until January 31, 2015, all of you can sign up for a 2-month free trial! And now, keep reading to see how Kelli and her students liked Standard Deviants Accelerate!

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Standard Deviants Accelerate – For Homeschoolers

Easy to Use 

I was a little skeptical about the idea of an “easy to use” online homeschool curriculum which contained as much information as this program holds, but my fears were soon put to rest as my 13- year-old quickly and easily logged into the program, set up his classes, and got right to work. It had me at hello!

Even I was able to log into the system without much stress or confusion, and that really is saying something!

Expansive Content

As I read through the information and content for each of the classes we have taken an interest in (there are plenty to choose from!) I could see a basic breakdown of the chapter information, and I realized that it covers a lot of territory! Each subject is broken down and condensed into about 7 – 10 chapters which teach the most important principals and critical information for each topic. From there, the chapters are organized into 3 – 5 concise lessons which include a video, important vocabulary terms, a diagram (which is actually interactive), a quiz to review the information, and a writing section with prompts for students to express what they have learned in their own words. It provokes deeper thought and is designed in such a way as to help the student assimilate the information properly.

It’s an impressive system! 


Screen shot SDAccelerate

 Sample of Classes Available – See Full List HERE


Secular Program 

Now, we are what you call “young earth creationists” – meaning that we are not fans of the evolutionary theory. Right up front the product page let me know that I would find information about evolution within the science portions of the program. I appreciated that it was very up-front and done in a way that acknowledges other views. I was interested to see how that would pan out for our family.

The way they have the system set up, parents can choose to simply skip those chapters, or  we can allow our children to hear that information as well. For our family, we may not spend too much time on it, but we will at least be familiar with the theory so that our children understand completely WHY we believe what we believe. For us, it was not a problem. We just read through the information and moved quickly through it.  For the most part, a chapter in Biology and a chapter in Earth Science are all that seem to be affected.


I found the Chemistry class informative & easy to understand! ~Parker B. age 13


Learning Methods

Speaking of reading through it, along with each video lesson is a transcript which students can read along with as they watch. These transcripts can also be printed out. Homeschool families often have multiple students of various ages who sometimes each learn very differently from the other. Students watch videos, hear the audio, and read the information, as well as interact with the system. This allows for mastery of the content no matter what your student’s learning style may be!

Standard Deviant Accelerate review for Middle and High school

SDA will automatically customize review questions based on the areas in which the student had difficulty.

Student Ages

Standard Deviants Accelerate is especially created for middle and high school students, but the math begins with basics that are good even for 3rd grade and up.  Even though the US History says it is for 7th and up, it covers the material that we are already learning about with my 3rd grader, pre-teen, and middle schooler.  It is presented in a way (within the short videos) that is simple enough for them to understand and retain the information.


The US History is good, funny, and interesting! ~Walker B. age 10


Highly Customized 

With this go-at-your-own-pace program, students are able to have individual needs met. SDA will automatically customize review questions based on the areas in which the student had difficulty. As a “work from home – homeschool mom,” I need reliable programs that are intuitive as well as interesting enough to hold my boys’ attention. This makes the perfect addition to our homeschool studies!


Standard Deviant Accelerate makes the perfect addition to our homeschool studies! ~Mom


Quality Program 

Touted as a supplement for homeschool families – this quality program is well made and quite comprehensive! Learn more specifically about how it works for homeschoolers here.  As for my “work from home – fly by the seat of our pants – love to travel” family . . . it will serve as a source of assurance that I am covering all the bases with our 3 boys.

The more I dig into this system, the more I view it as a valuable, modern day, electronic “cliff notes” with built-in teaching videos and grading system! Even the portions that are not graded automatically are designed with special rubrics which allow for easy grading and recording.

I believe SDA will serve us extremely well in preparing my boys for state testing and college entry. We plan to use duel enrollment and begin college early, and I am thrilled to say that SDA will play a strong role in making that happen.

The classes build from a solid basic foundation and lead students into excellent college prep material. The system encourages them to think deeper to apply what they know and to express it in writing. I love that!

FREE Webinar  

If you are interested in learning more about the program to see if it is right for your family – sign up for the FREE webinar here. Or click this link–which will take you to an information page for parents.

Check out all the many classes which are available for homeschool here. 

Learn about the Top 10 Accelerated Learning Techniques here!   I found the study results on “WHY this style of teaching & learning is successful” to be extremely encouraging and exciting!

Changes are coming to make SD Accelerate even more homeschool friendly!

  • First, the “Group Activity” will be changed to “Act It Out.” This new section will have options that are appropriate for homeschoolers and that will work well even if you don’t have a large group of students.
  • Account creation will be even easier.
  • Parents will be able to create student accounts from within the parent account.
  • When a student completes a lesson or chapter, a check mark will show up next to the lesson or chapter.
  • When an entire subject is completed, the student will receive a certificate showing that the subject has been completed.
  • New pricing will include bundles for families who want access to multiple classes/subjects.

Try it for 2 months for free:

Until January 31, 2015, you can sign up for a 2-month free trial of Standard Deviants Accelerate. Just click this link. (The url and heading will say that you get a 6-month free trial, but it’s been changed to a 2-month free trial now.)

Buy it:

Once your 2-month free trial is up, you can purchase individual subjects for a monthly fee, or you can sign up for new package deals which will be available after the updates I mentioned are complete in late December or January.

Win it:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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