RED ALERT! CT Homeschoolers Can This Really be True?

This article is part of our ongoing conversation and vigilant watch for situations in states that homeschoolers need to know about. We will notify you if we see conversations that discuss homeschool legislation so you can jump on it early! Tonight I found an article about a study conducted in Connecticut. Honestly, I pray that this report is not true! And as usual, HSLDA is on the case!! Be sure to click over to read their rebuttal!! Also, be sure to read the comments section. TEACH CT is actively involved in defending homeschool rights in the state.

The article published in The CT Mirror reports the findings of a study by the Office of the Child Advocate for the State of Connecticut (OCA). In this study, they state that in over a three year period, in six public school districts that 36% of the families pulling their children to homeschool had at least one report of suspected abuse or neglect from the Department of Children and Families!

This can’t be true, can it? Here is the report that was released this week.  The OCA report advised the Department of Children and Families to consider establishing processes to use when it is investigating reports of suspected child abuse and neglect, and learns that the child has been withdrawn for homeschooling.

I’m glad to see that the Connecticut Homeschool Network is getting involved and letting their voice be heard! Treasurer Carol Karrass stated:

[mks_pullquote align=”left” width=”850″ size=”20″ bg_color=”#a7e1e2″ txt_color=”#424242″]We do not support regulation of homeschoolersresearch does not support any academic, social or safety benefit.[/mks_pullquote]


The Department of Children and Families declined to make a statement on whether there should be regulations and protocols in place for homeschooled students.

Guys we all need to get involved with every state trying to regulate homeschooling. If you are in Connecticut, here is a link to find your State Legislators so you can reach out and let them know what you think. I have also written an article to help you in how to write a letter to your state legislators about pending legislation.

If you are in CT and are familiar with this report and what is happening with the homeschool community mobilizing, please leave a comment below so we can edit this article and share how to get connected.



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  1. I am the legislative assistant for TEACH CT, the Christian homeschool organization in CT. We work closely with the leaders of CHN (mentioned in this article). What the “report” does not mention is that it is supplemental to the original 88 page report on the multiple system failures in the public school system, the justice system and especially DCF.
    HSLDA has posted a rebuttal to the “study” published by the OCA.

      1. Thank you for adding! The forum at which the report was introduced was scheduled for a month but the report was not posted until the morning of the forum. At the same time, we received word that the Hartford Courant published its hit piece and had turned off commenting. Despite asking for clarification of the topic of the forum twice from the Committee Chair, the only response we received was a reiteration of the title of the forum: “Homeschool Networking and Communication With State Agencies.” Doesn’t sound like the topic would be abuse, does it? Despite protestations by the Chair of a desire for dialogue, their actions betray a planned attack.

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