Receiving the Gift

I have been given a gift. We have been a homeschooling family for almost six years. Of those years, I have been actively homeschooling for three. You may wonder what happened during that almost three year gap. Well, we were doing school, but I was buying time. I was doing what I needed to do to get by, so that I could say we were a homeschool family.

I have been given a gift. God gave me this wonderful opportunity to homeschool my children. It took me a while before I truly understood this precious gift as well as the responsibilities that come with being a homeschool parent.

Not everyone’s circumstances allow them to homeschool. It can be matters that involve finances or that one spouse agrees and the other doesn’t as to whether homeschooling is right for their family. Neither is an issue for us.

I have been given a gift. Finances are tight, but God continues to provide. Thankfully, my husband and I agree home education is the best route for our children and our family at this time.

The gift I have received from God is a special one. Educating my children makes me their teacher and I am responsible for the quality of their education, for shaping how they feel about learning and for helping them grow in their relationship with Christ.

If you are a homeschooling parent, then how you treat this gift is important. You are a real teacher and your children attend a real school. What you put into their school is indicative of what your children will get out of their homeschool experience. I finally realized that the gift I was given is one to be treated with respect and one I should put my full effort into.

That realization has given me the motivation to push through days when I would rather be doing anything else but teaching. It has created an interest in me in subjects that I never cared for and an excitement to experience them with my children. It has also caused me to relinquish control of the direction in which their education is going and allow it to be God directed.

If you are a homeschooling parent, then you have been given a gift. It is a precious gift that is meant to be enjoyed with your children. Receive your gift from God and go see what the two of you can accomplish with it together.

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  1. Thank you! This really encouraged my heart today. As a full time working mom, who also homeschools a 7th grader full time, I often don’t feel like a homeschooler. Our day is so much different. WE do lots of school at night, when I am home. I still don’t feel like a teacher, but hopefully before the year is over I will believe it!

    1. Barbie,

      I use to homeschool my younger child at night because that was the only time we had good one-on-one time. Although, the evening isn’t the typical time for school, we accomplished a lot and really enjoyed the time together. School, regardless of the time of day (or night) was still being completed. Flexibility is one of the beauties of homeschooling.

      I’m glad you found encouragement in the post.

  2. wow. THANK YOU!! I have been neglecting this gift. I’ve wanted to stay home for so long, and now that we have finally decided to act on what we’ve learned about homeschooling, I must confess, that I am not giving it the utmost priority. I haven’t been God-led. My actions (if continued) would not teach my children to love God and to love learning…. i really needed this. Thank you again and may God continue to give you wisdom.

    1. Valerie,

      I’m still working on prayer before I tackle our school day. I really want it to be good, but God wants it to be better. It doesn’t mean that you won’t have “wonky” days, but at least it will be easier w/Him by your side. Some days may not even involve opening a book, but instead just be time cuddling, talking and nurturing.

  3. Thanks, I have also been homeschooling for 5 years. My youngest was diagnosed with Autism and I was thinking of putting my other kids in school. God was the initiator of my homeschooling and yes I should keep trusting in Him for guidance here.

  4. Esther,

    Keep trusting God w/your decisions. If He has you homeschooling now, then trust that and continue to ask and allow Him to lead you through the process. Homeschooling isn’t an easy job, but I have seen some great rewards from the experience.

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