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Pimsleur has helped millions learn a new language in the past 50 years and is currently used by the FBI, Homeland Security, State Department, Marine Corps, and Navy, Fortune 500 companies such as Mercer and Alcoa, diplomats, journalists, aid workers, and business executives who need to learn a language quickly and effectively. With Dr. Pimsleur's revolutionary method, you're able to learn on all fronts -- with one common goal: speaking your new language quickly and without rules, drills, or boring repetition.

The celebrated Pimsleur series and combines the interactivity of software-based learning tools with the convenience and power of the portable Pimsleur Method™. Get ready to learn in just 30 minutes a day!

Over 50 different foreign language courses are available.

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Pimsleur is a very effective method that's been around for decades. It's simple on the surface, but loaded with research that make it work so well. I love to cook and was able to use this method while cooking, which is awesome. Kill two birds with one stone! You only need to find 30 minutes each day, which makes it easy to commit to. On the downside, some lessons are more interesting then others from a content standpoint. Not a biggy and you still learn some new structures even if the vocabulary is less relevant to your interests, but there is some rigidity built-in.
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ease of use, great accent, focuses on conversational skills, not need for internet connection
price, doesn't teach expert level
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I used Pimsleur Brazilian Portuguese I to prepare for a mission trip to the city of Aracaju in Sergipe, Brazil. I purchased the 30-CD set and listened to them in the car for about 6 months prior to my trip. I finished 28 of the CDs. When I arrived in Brazil, our interpreters were BLOWN AWAY by my pronunciation. At one point, I asked about a word I didn't know: "O que quer dizer a palavra 'mensagem'?" (What does the word 'mensagem' mean?) The interpreter later told me he couldn't figure out why I didn't know that word (it means 'message'), since I clearly was a native Portuguese speaker! I had numerous people tell me they thought I was Brazilian, and when I would greet people, they would immediately start speaking to me in Portuguese, because I sounded like a native! I was able to understand about 40% of what people were saying, and was able to communicate about 75% of what I wanted to say without assistance. My travel companions would call me over if an interpreter was unavailable, to ask me to help in a conversation! When we left, the missionary's wife, who has lived in Brazil for 35 years, asked which program I had used, because she wanted to recommend it to others. I told her, "Pimsleur"!!!
Excellent coverage of new language basics and pronunciation
A little expensive
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