Phys Ed at Home?

If you have looked for a formal physical education curriculum to do with your homeschool children, you will have discovered that there are not too many of them out there. Family Time Fitness is a complete physical education program, designed by experts, and can have you conducting a full physical education course right in your own home – indoors or out!

The lessons are clearly laid out to implement on your own schedule. They suggest up to 45 minutes and 5 times a week. However, that can very easily be modified to fit whatever your homeschool schedule will allow.

What is Physical Education?

Physical Education (PE) is structured physical activity that develops an organized mind and body for students. Many homeschool parents commonly mistake any physical activity for a PE class. Unfortunately, unstructured physical activity does not give a student the building blocks for proper fitness development. Activities like one day co-op play, Wii Fit or Wii sports and individual sports are not considered physical education because they do not comprehensively teach and manage physical fitness in students.

After having a portion of the program for my review, I am very happy with the overall content of the actual lessons of the program. The lessons come to you in an email. If you are more of a hands on person like myself, you will need to print them out, which can be an additional expense. All of the various exercises and games also have a video instruction that you can view, if you do not understand the explanation in the text.

Workbooks that teach further education in various areas of physical fitness are available, but only up through fifth grade. In addition, I would love to have something tangible for the kids to track their progress, such as a calendar or a journal. I will need to create that on my own. You need minimal supplies to implement the program such as balls, cones, etc. You will need to to make an overall list of items to be purchased before beginning the program.*

Overall, this is a great, one of a kind program that makes physical education “doable” for the homeschool teacher. With some minor tweaks and adjustments, my family will continue to use it in our homeschool adventures.

Visit the Family Time Fitness website. Find them on Facebook and Twitter too.

*Note from the authors of Family Time Fitness: A tracking calendar is included in the program, and we provide a list of supplies and alternative items families can use instead of buying.

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