Party with Hip Homeschool Moms – Facebook Style

Facebook parties are so much FUN especially when in a community where we can fellowship together! Throw in some giveaways and the sharing of information beneficial to all our homeschools and you have a perfect combination for a Party with Hip Homeschool Moms – Facebook Style.

party with HHM

It’s really very easy to join in a Facebook Party, but it helps if you know the steps to follow before the Party starts.

Step 1

Save the date and be sure you take note of the time and check the timezones. I passed Calculus with a B in college, yet I still manage to mess up the time zone equation 😉 If you are like me, I always use a time zone converter to be on the safe side!

Step 2

RSVP ahead of time if possible. Sometimes our sponsors offer prizes for those who RSVP. So by doing so,  you will be added to that drawing, if there is one.

Step 3

You might want to check out the sponsors and co-hosts’ Facebook Pages and websites, as well. Chances are, some of the prizes will be from their products or services offered, so you might as well know which ones you are hoping to win!

Step 4

We have two environments on Facebook, our Community and our Page. Some Facebook parties are just for the members of our Community and some are open to all of our followers on the Facebook Page. Be sure to take note of which environment the party is being hosted in.

How Facebook Parties Work


If the party is being hosted on our Page, you may need to click on the “Liked” button at the top of the page (see image below) and click “Get Notifications” so you will see all the posts in your newsfeed. This way you won’t miss the questions being asked.

hhm get notifications b


If the party is being hosted in the Community, you may need to click on the “Notifications” button at the top and change it to “See All Posts” so you will see all the posts in your newsfeed, and you won’t miss the questions being asked.

HHM community notifications


When the party starts, we will introduce you to the team members and the representatives from the sponsors who are hosting the party. The Hip Homeschool Mom team member that is the host will ask questions for you to comment on. We hope you will not be a lurker during the parties. Many times the prizes are drawn from the comments. When that is the case, we will be using to help us choose the winner.  We will provide the number of comments to and ask for it to provide a random number. That number will be the winner!  So the more you comment and participate, the more likely you are to win!  Other times we may use a product like Rafflecopter. We will let you know at the beginning of the party which products and tools we are using!

You will need to refresh your page often or press F5. Facebook Parties move pretty quickly.

Sometimes freebies or special discounts are given to those who attend and participate! We will explain those towards the end of the party and will provide directions on how to receive them, usually with an email address.

Facebook Parties are a FUN event to participate in, where you can win prizes, and interact with the brands you love and meet new ones you may fall in love with! Homeschool moms love to help each other homeschool, so one of the most overlooked aspects of a party is all the helpful FREE advice you receive.

And the best part, you can wear your PJ’s while you party! We will never know (unless of course, that is one of the questions you choose to answer) 😉 So, gather up your favorite beverage, find a comfy chair, bring your internet device of choice and come as you are!  We look forward to seeing you at our next party!

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