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Page A Day Math is the solution to your math woes. With only 15 minutes of practice a day, your child can achieve math fact fluency while enjoying the learning process. No tears. No tantrums. By focusing on practice and repetition, neat handwriting, and social-emotional development, it’s everything you would get from a private math tutor without the high cost and travel time.

Early math skills are one of the strongest predictors of later academic achievement. Page A Day Math helps build a strong foundation in the critical area of math facts. Every child can be a “math person” with this math program.

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What does it mean to be a Platinum Sponsor?

What does being a Platinum sponsor mean? It means that company gave over $500 in products to bless our homeschooling families. We believe it really shows just how committed they are to supporting the homeschool community by being such a big supporter of giveaways like this!  So please be sure to visit their website and their social media and give them huge shout outs to say thank you for being a Platinum Sponsor! Click the Twitter Share button above to give them a thank you shout out!  

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Page a Day Math

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Website: Page A Day Math

Expires: 09/30/19

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