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At least one thing that most homeschool moms have in common is the need for a homeschool planner. I’ve tried many different styles and most of them do not have everything I’m looking for. And then, I was introduced to an amazing online homeschooling planner for my iPad, called OLLY.

OLLY Review ||

I’ve always been a pen and paper kind of organizer. But as our school lessons are getting more and more involved and I’m running out of pockets within my paper planner to keep track of everything, I needed to find something more streamlined and simplified. OLLY is the answer I was looking for.

I love that I can easily keep track of every single detail of each lesson plan, for each day of the week and for each child we homeschool, all in one place. And, you know all those online resources you jot down on scraps of paper or in the margins of your planner? Well, there’s a place within OLLY for you to keep track of all those resources you never want to forget about. Everything from books to websites to field trip ideas. And you can customize your lists, categorize them and make special notes beside each one.

For instance, we like variety, so I’ve gathered a fairly long list of free online spelling resources that I’d really like to begin using on a more consistent basis. The trouble was, I had written them down in several different places. With OLLY, I now have all of those resources listed and categorized in one space. Plus, I can easily keep track of the spelling lists we’re using each week.

Here are some of the key features of the OLLY iPad app:

  • Share your data between all the iPads and Mac computers in your household, using “Dropbox” syncing.
  • Create annual Learning Plans for any number of students.
  • Easily create reusable Lesson Plans based on the curriculum you are using.
  • A “Today” page for each user shows upcoming assignments, with boxes to check when each is completed.
  • Create any number of “Routines” for different students, different days of the week, chores, habit reminders, and more.
  • Assignment Calendar allows you to batch assign and bump lesson plan items.
  • A “Search Online” feature makes adding books to your Resource Library quick and easy
  • Create “Resource Lists” for curriculum, reading lists, planning, and recording.
  • Record “Activities and Achievements” for each of your students, along with photos
  • Use Journals to record your daily activities, log field trips, and upload photos to accompany your notes.
  • Print out customizable reports for your own records or for others: Resource Library, Resource Lists, Activities and Achievements, Standardized Tests, Routines, Journals, Assignments,Annual Learning Plan, Course Descriptions, Attendance, Progress Report, Grade Report, and High School Transcript.

With OLLY, everything is customizable and so easy to use. For the first time, since we began homeschooling our children five years ago, I feel more organized and less stressed. Lesson planning and keeping everything in one place has made my life so much easier. I highly recommend OLLY for any homeschool mom looking for a more simplified way of organizing her homeschool days.

NOTE:  Because it’s a one-time download, you don’t need internet access to use it, and it’s a one-time purchase.

You can also connect with OLLY on Facebook and Twitter and learn more about this incredible planner at the OLLY website.

Four lucky winners will receive a free copy of OLLY– 2 Mac versions and 2 ipad versions!
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Megan and her amazing husband, along with their four young sons live in Washington state. She is a homeschooling mom after the heart of Jesus and wanting to make Him famous to her boys each and every day. As often as possible, Megan and her boys spend their time away from the table learning with a very hands-on approach. They love unit studies, science experiments, great books and especially the outdoors. One of her sons was born with a significant hearing loss, so her family learned American Sign Language, which has been an amazing blessing to all of them. Megan is passionate about encouraging moms in their faith, is inspired by others willing to share their real-life stories, finds joy in the everyday of Motherhood and loves spending as much time as possible in God’s creation with her family.


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