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Do you want everything Sight and Sound Reading has to offer in an easy download list?  We have a one time fee, lifetime access membership site!

Save money and time with Sight and Sound Reading’s Premium Membership.

  • Lifetime membership to one person (parent or teacher)  and/or family
  • Access to download our teachers manuals, workbooks and worksheets
  • Access to all present and future content that falls under these descriptions
  • Access to Freemium Membership Content  (Freemium membership is one time payment, lifetime easy access to all of our freebies)

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They have worksheets you can download, but they also have them in book form you can purchase. Geared toward pre and beginning readings.
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  • preK
  • K
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online videos, starts out simple and short. repetitive. let's the children accomplish reading at their own pace.
Website is hard to navigate through
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