Minecraft and Architecture Printables

This week on Freebie Friday we are sharing free printables related to Minecraft and architecture! If you don’t need these freebies right now, click here to find freebies related to other topics!

minecraft architecture printables

We may also have some non-theme-related freebies at the bottom of each week’s Freebie Friday post, so be sure to scroll all the way down to look for them.

Using-Minecraft-to-Learn-About-World-Landmarks-cover-photo2World Landmarks with Minecraft
Learn about world landmarks by recreating them in Minecraft!
minecraftsetFree Minecraft Party Printables
These free Minecraft birthday party printables are a hit with kids of all ages!
Minecraft-Kindergarten-PrintablesMinecraft Kindergarten Printables
This pack contains both math and literacy skills activities for kindergarten children, but older and younger children will enjoy them too!
Minecraft-Kindergarten-Printables1Minecraft Kindergarten Printables
This pack contains both math and literacy skills activities for kindergarten children, but older and younger children will enjoy them too!
minecraft-cardsFree Minecraft Challenge Cards
This Printable Minecraft Challenge Pack includes 4 sheets of challenge cards–one of which is blank for you to write your own challenges.
HHM-Minecraft-Addition-and-SubtractionMinecraft Addition and Subtraction
Coloring Squared would like for you to enjoy these free Minecraft addition and subtraction coloring pages. There are 40 different pixel puzzles ranging from a Creeper to an Ender Dragon to Notch himself.
HHM-Minecraft-PrintableMinecraft Math for Area and Perimeter
This Minecraft math activity is for students of about 4th or 5th grade who are learning about area and perimeter.
HHM-Minecraft-MathMinecraft Math Pack
This Minecraft Math Pack is a free resource for your young children.
Cover-Minecraft-MDMinecraft Multiplication and Division
Coloring Squared would like you to enjoy these free Minecraft multiplication and division coloring pages for you to download.
minecraft-story-map-narrative-writing-2Minecraft Story Map for Kids
Download this free Minecraft story map for kids and use it to teach creative writing skills.
Spaghetti-TowerBuild a Spaghetti Tower
This pdf includes instructions for building a spaghetti tower!
china-finalArt & Architecture History of Ancient China {Free Printables}
Our lesson brought it home to them, for sure. The free printable cards I made have pictures of the five civilizations’ unique art and architecture. We looked at each card closely with magnifying glasses and we had a great discussion about unique features in Chinese culture.
native-america-finalAncient Native America & Ancient Maya Civilization Art & Architecture {Freebies}
In this post, you will see a little bit of what we did the learn about Ancient Native America & Ancient Maya Civilization Art & Architecture.
civilizations-main5 Ancient Civilizations {Free Printable Art Activities for Kids}
We love studying about Geography and History, but this time, we honed in on 5 Great Ancient Civilizations: Art & Architecture and made some free printable art activities for kids that went perfectly with the lessons. It really put a spin on our entire study!
main-e1454647275999A Brief History of Boats and Ships {Free Printables}
I wanted to come up with a fun history lesson for my children with a hands-on craft and homemade printables (free for you in this post). We have studied several ancient civilizations because we love history.
Cover_40When You Use “Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons”
Supplemental Phonics packet that coincides with the wonderful reading program, “Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons”. This particular packet is for after you complete lesson 40 in the Reading Program, but we also offer additional phonics packets that help round out the program with appropriate crafts, additional activities and writing pages that move at the same pace as the renowned DISTAR SRA reading program.
Slide01Morning work, great for a warm up activity or consolidation practice for homeschoolers
Math and ELA morning work for 2nd grade.
These FREE SUPERHEROES COLOR BY LETTER AND SIGHT WORD PAGES from Sight and Sound Reading are a great way to encourage your early learners to work on their reading skills!
3-little-pigs-fairy-tale-reading-comprehensionFREE 3 LITTLE PIGS READING COMPREHENSION PACK
Sight and Sound Reading has a FREE 3 LITTLE PIGS READING COMPREHENSION PACK that includes a fun color and read booklet and more for your early readers to enjoy!

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