“Love Calendar” Valentines Day Craft

As Christians we should practice being Valentines all year! This Valentine’s Day, we will use paper hearts to help students remember that love.


“Love Calendar” Valentines Day Craft



Sheet of poster board

Black flow pens

Red construction paper




There are many legends that explain why we celebrate St. Valentine’s Day.

One common legend is that St. Valentine was a Christian priest who married Christians when the Romans forbade Christians to marry. While he was in prison, the Roman emperor, Claudius, tried to convert him to paganism.

Valentine not only resisted, he attempted to convert Claudius to Christianity!

He was jailed and sentenced to death for his efforts. In honor of the great saint, we should all celebrate our love for one another every day of the year, not simply on Valentine’s Day. We can’t cram one year of love into one day of the year.



1. On a sheet of poster board, draw three horizontal lines that are evenly spaced, and two vertical lines also evenly spaced. You will now have twelve squares.

2. Label the top of each square with the name of each month beginning with January, and ending in December.

3. Under the month in each square, write the day of the week that the 14th day falls on. For example: In January, write “Saturday, January 14th.”

4. Cut out 12 red hearts from construction paper.

5. On each heart, write something you will do for someone, either a good deed or an expression of your love. For instance, “Today I will tell Mom I love her,” or “Today I will thank my teacher for helping me,” or “Today I will pray for the children suffering from famine.”

6. Now paste each heart next to the day and date in each square.



Put your calendar in your bedroom to remind you to remember the 14th of every month. It will help you remember that we should be Valentines all year long! Remember 1 John 4:7-8: Beloved, let us love one another…For Love is of God, and everyone who loves is born of God and knows God. He that doesn’t love, doesn’t know God, for God is love!”

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