LIGHTNING DEAL ALERT! $5 Flash Sale for Astonishing Animals Study

$5 Flash Sale for Astonishing Animals Study
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Night-stalking primates with nasty-clawed, crooked fingers . . . giant, dragon-like reptiles eager to eat . . . tobogganing penguins sliding on the snow . . . clutches of turtle hatchlings in pursuit of the sea . . . an ark, abundant with astonishing animals . . . And God saw that it was good!

A dog may be man’s best friend, but it is God’s gift of ALL kinds of animals that kids are absolutely crazy about! In this study, your child will explore five zany creatures along the way. Here are the adventures, designed for grades K-4:

Quest 1: What Exactly Is an Aye-Aye?
Quest 2: Cool Things About Wolverines
Quest 3: What Are Komodo Dragons?
Quest 4: Getting to Know Sea Turtles
Quest 5: What Is an Adélie Penguin?

There’s no doubt that children are fascinated with animals—they begin building that sense of awe and wonder at an early age with the introduction of Noah and the ark. By selecting animals that are a bit off the beaten path, this study will keep kids fascinated and learning.

This popular unit study is normally $12.95… so grab your copy today before the sale expires.

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