5 Questions for a LIFEPAC Curriculum Mom

Is your family on-the-go much of the time? Homeschool families tend to be busy people! The LIFEPAC curriculum from Alpha Omega Publications is perfect for busy families and families that spend a good bit of time traveling. Below you’ll read more from Jennifer, a mom of a special needs child. She explains why LIFEPAC is a good fit for her family because of her son’s special needs and their need to be able to take school work with them as they travel to appointments, etc.

When Jennifer Wilging’s only son, Tyler, was diagnosed with syringomyelia (sih-ring-go-my-E-lee-uh), a progressive spinal cord disease, she knew there were going to be many changes ahead in their lives. Although Tyler had to give up things he loved like competitive gymnastics and trampolines, Jennifer didn’t know at the time how much they would both learn to love homeschooling.

For her first year of homeschooling, Jennifer picked LIFEPAC curriculum from Alpha Omega Publications. Over the past few years, over 50 LIFEPAC courses have been redesigned in such a way that every course has its most age-appropriate design!

With Tyler now in 5th grade, Jennifer answered five quick questions about their on-the-go lifestyle and what she loves about using LIFEPAC. If you’d like to see a quick overview of LIFEPAC, watch this 30-second video. Then keep reading to hear Jennifer’s answers to those 5 questions!

Q: Why did you choose homeschooling?

A: We had no choice but to homeschool him. We had to pull him out of public school in the middle of his 3rd grade year because he has a rare spinal disease. AOP’s LIFEPAC curriculum has been a real blessing. When we finally pulled him out, the school said, “We were wondering when you were going to do that.”


Q: Why did you decide to use Alpha Omega Publications?

A: We wanted to be able to homeschool on the road without missing school. We’re on the road a lot for doctor appointments, and the LIFEPAC workbooks are really easy to just throw in a bag and take with us.


Q: What do you love about LIFEPAC?

A: LIFEPAC is so easy, and you don’t have to worry about anything. The worktexts go in order with how they’re supposed to be taught. You don’t have to piece together a whole curriculum. The progression of learning is really easy and well thought out, especially in math. I would have been lost without it.


Q: Besides curriculum, what other methods of learning do you use?

A: Field trips. When we are out and about, we try to experience everything we can. We do field trips with just us as well as with other homeschool groups.


Q: What are your favorite LIFEPAC subjects?

A: My son is very good at math, and I also really enjoy LIFEPAC History & Geography. I felt like they didn’t teach any of this material in public school, but LIFEPAC goes into so much detail.


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