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Improve Your Child’s Reading This Summer!

Do you have a child who needs to improve his or her reading skills this summer? Summer is the perfect time to brush up on reading skills or develop new reading skills during a time that is usually slower-paced and more relaxed than during the traditional school year. Reading Eggs is offering 30 days of free reading practice, games, lessons, activities, and fun!

Reading Eggs


What Is Reading Eggs?

Reading Eggs can be used by students as young as 3 and as old as about age 13. It’s fun and interactive too! For younger students, Reading Eggs helps develop early reading skills. For older students, it helps improve reading skills. And, regardless of the student’s age, Reading Eggs is a fun way to build or improve reading skills!

Reading Eggs offers:

  • Placement testing to be sure your child starts where he or she needs to start in order to be successful.
  • Guided lessons that adjust to your child’s ability level and pace.
  • Activity sheets that go along with each lesson.
  • Over 2,000 online books! Each book ends with a comprehension test to be sure your child understood what he/she read.
  • Assessment reports for parents. You can easily see what your child has learned and follow your child’s progress.
  • Reading Eggs works on any desktop, laptop, Apple device, or Android device.
  • A safe online environment!
  • An ad-free environment for your child.

In fact, 9 out of 10 parents noticed an improvement in their children’s reading skills after using Reading Eggs!

To try out Reading Eggs for free for 4 weeks–no credit card required–click this link!

Want to know more?

Students who are about age 3 to 4 will learn phonics and letter recognition. Students who are about age 5 will learn sight words and vocabulary. Those who are about age 6 or 7 will add reading ebooks and improving spelling skills. And those who are ages 7 and up to about age 13 will improve reading comprehension and will have the ability to play live games!

If you’re not sure where to start or if Reading Eggs is right for your child, you can take advantage of a free 4-week trial offer. Once you’ve claimed your free trial, your child can take an assessment test, or you can simply have him/her start at the beginning. It’s up to you!

Your student will enjoy these interactive guided lessons, fun rewards, motivational activities, ebooks, printable activity sheets, and more!


So go ahead and click this link to claim your free trial and get started using Reading Eggs! There is NO credit card required to claim your free trial!

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