Homeschool is a lot like Dating

My now husband and I first met in American Gothic – a requirement for all English majors.  We had a number of mutual friends, but other than a few quick hellos or knowing nods we hadn’t spoken.  Ever.

We started dating sometime the next semester.  It started innocently enough – a very casual dinner date, taking him to my sorority functions, and hanging out with friends.  There was a careful dance to see how well we really got along without making it look like either of us cared too much.  Eventually we sat down and decided to see each other exclusively {neither of us was actually seeing anyone else, but you know…we were 21…so whatever}, and we entered into the territory of serious relationship.

When I look at my life I realize a lot of things are like dating: there is this dance to really see if things are a good fit, if things match up, and if you are ready to get serious.

Sounds like picking a homeschool curriculum, no?

You love the way that curriculum looks on the outside.  It has curly brown hair and looks good in football pants…OH WAIT! that’s my husband.  I mean, the curriculum is shiny and gorgeous – it has fancy activities, lesson plans, and all of the other moms love it.  Maybe you fall head over heels.  You use that curriculum for the rest of your homeschool life.  Forever and ever.  Amen.

Or maybe.  Just maybe.  It is like that guy you had a huge crush on who seemed great from afar and all of the other girls loved him, but you just liked to look at him.  This curriculum looks like everything you should want – lesson plans, supplements, online resources, but you just aren’t clicking.  You don’t get what the big deal is even though everyone else swears it is so great.  You like to look at it, but you don’t see it turning into anything more.  Maybe you break up after a few weeks of giving it an honest shot, and you just acknowledge that looks can be deceiving.

Just like dating, there are lots of fish in the sea.  There are curricula that love the laid back moms and some that love moms who need to plan every second of the day.  There are some that go for the creative types and others that would prefer to study Latin all day.

Homeschooling is just like dating.  Except this time you can wear yoga pants on your first date, and just like dating, your homeschool friends are all going to be waiting to hear every last detail of your new relationship.  Now if only curricula would start taking out the trash…

Stephanie and her family live in Roswell, Georgia.  Originally from the Northeast, Stephanie ditched snow for sun five years ago and hasn’t looked back.  Stephanie loves the kitchen, summer dresses, and a good book.  She is also active in Junior League of Atlanta and at her local Catholic Church.  Armed with an English degree and a MBA, Stephanie is preparing to homeschool her young son, Samuel.  She blogs at The Brunette Foodie.

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  1. So True! A friend shared a Virtual school opportunity with us… and it doesn’t click for us at all! LoL Now I know why!!!

  2. Yup, I’ve been breaking up with a science curricula for the past 2 months. I think I’m gonna cut all ties after Christmas and take that beautiful book off the shelf and put it in the basement so it doesn’t cause me to doubt and be confused by it’s charming looks.

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