Help and Hope for Kids (and Moms!) Who Are Suffering from Stress and Anxiety

Brain Harmony offers help and hope for kids and moms who are suffering from stress and anxiety!

For years, I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression. I used to try to hide it from people because it made me feel weak. I was afraid people would see me as unstable and unable to handle life and be a good wife, mother, teacher, worker, or friend. I didn’t want people to know I was struggling. When I finally realized I had to do something about it, I thought the only answer was medication. I saw a doctor, started taking medicine, and went on with my life.

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Medication is not the only solution!

As time went on, I found that I was experiencing side effects from some of the medicines. To counteract the side effects of the medicines I was taking (You guessed it!), the doctor gave me more medicine. In a few years, I was taking 6 medicines! And I was, except for the anxiety and depression, a generally healthy person. On top of that, I realized that, while I was able to generally cope with life, I was not enjoying life. I was living but not really living.

I should tell you that I’m not 100% against medication. There are times when it is needed. But my mission is to let moms know that medication is not the only answer! There are healthy, natural ways to deal with anxiety and depression and start to living (and enjoy!) your life again! And, in many cases, these natural therapies allow the person to enjoy a happier, healthier, more enjoyable life than taking medication would have allowed. I can tell you for certain that was the case for me!

Am I saying that I no longer deal with stress and anxiety? That I no longer have “down” days? That I’m always happy and never worry? Nope. I do sometimes feel stressed and anxious and maybe even a little “down.” But what I am telling you is that, unlike when I was taking all those medications, I now sleep better, feel better, feel happier and less stressed and anxious, and in general enjoy life so much more than I did when I was taking medication! I feel like myself again, and it’s wonderful!

In fact, as I write this article, I’m sitting at my desk wearing my headphones using the iLs (Integrated Listening System). After listening to the iLs for half an hour to an hour 3 to 5 times a week, I usually use my Alpha Stim for 20 to 30 minutes. Why am I telling you this? Because I want you to know that I personally use the products I’m sharing with you in this article. I personally believe in them and have seen results from using them. In fact, after using an Alpha Stim that I borrowed from a friend for a couple of weeks, I loved it so much (and saw such great results!) that I bought my own.

Read this article to see more details about the Alpha Stim, the iLs system, and Brain Harmony. 

Where can you and your children get the help you need?

So here is my question to you. Are you or your children–from young children to teens–suffering (like I was) from stress and anxiety? Do you or your children have trouble concentrating, listening, or processing what you hear? Have you been told that you or your children have anxiety? Depression? ADHD? Sensory processing problems?

What can we do to help ourselves and our children if we feel like we’re experiencing more than a normal amount of anxiety or if we (or our children) have been diagnosed with other processing problems or disorders? What can we do if our children–or we ourselves–don’t feel like we can function and keep going? What if we want to give up? What if the only option we know about is medication? After all, we read and see often in books, magazines, and even talk shows that it’s perfectly normal for adults and even children and teens to take anti-depressants. Isn’t that what we need to do if we’re suffering? While I do understand that medication is sometimes needed, I believe it shouldn’t be what we turn to first. But what can a child, teen, or adult do to get help other than seeking medication?

I’ll tell you!

I had a conversation with Carol Garner-Houston, co-found of Brain Harmony, about how we’ve come to think of it as normal for our children to be anxious and depressed and how that should not be what we consider to be “normal” for our children (or ourselves). In the podcast, we talk a lot about treatment for children, but all of these therapies can be used with success in adults too!

In fact, we parents often put the welfare of our children above that of ourselves, and that shouldn’t be the case. Yes, we should definitely strive to take excellent care of our children, but our well-being is equally important. I’m sure you’ve often heard the analogy in case of emergency on an airplane when you should put on your own air mask before helping others put on theirs. I found that this absolutely true! To be the best parents we can be, we really do have to take good care of ourselves. So as you listen to this podcast, keep in mind that these truths apply to both you–the parent–and to your child or teen.

Listen to the podcast that explains how Brain Harmony can help children (and adults!) who have chronic anxiety and depression, sensory processing problems, etc.

To listen to the podcast about getting help for children (and adults) who have chronic anxiety or depression, listen to the podcast. Just click here to listen!

Or watch this video to see testimonials by adults who have worked with Brain Harmony for themselves or their children.

Or if you’d like to start with watching some testimonials (including mine!) about how Brain Harmony has personally helped other moms and children, click here. (Fun note: If you see somebody that looks a lot like me on this video, it’s my twin sister!)

Find out how to get a FREE consultation for yourself and/or your child!

How do you know which system or therapy is right for you or your child? You can schedule a FREE consultation to find out! Just click this link to go to the Brain Harmony website to find out how to set up your consultation.

FREE Printable Resource:

To get a free copy of Brain Harmony’s printable resource “Preventing Your Child from Falling Behind During and After Quarantine,” click this link!

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Brain Harmony is running a special for the month of April (2020) which will give you a reduced rate for the iLs focus system. They know that many families are suffering financially right now due to the coronavirus, and they want to help as many families as possible during this difficult time. Ask about their special pricing when you contact them to get your free consultation.


Carol Garner-Houston is the co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of Brain Harmony, specializing in treating neurological disorders in the home without pharmaceuticals. In their ground-breaking telemedicine program, Brain Harmony applies the principles of neuroplasticity of the brain to treating anxiety, PTSD, sensory and auditory processing, stress and sleep, speech and communication, behavior, autism spectrum, attention and regulation, learning and dyslexia, TBI, and Parkinson’s disease. Carol is an Occupational Therapist with 23 years of experience and the recipient of Health System Innovation Award from the National Association of Public Hospitals and Health Systems serving vulnerable populations. Her outcomes are the best in the world with clients gaining years worth of skills in several months time frame. Carol resides with her husband of over 20 years with their two children and their rescued hound dog in Santa Rosa Beach, FL.

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