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Heidi Songs Review and Giveaway!

Children learn their letters and numbers through a variety of methods.  Heidi Songs uses a multi-sensory approach to learning  for reading and math.  Children are taught through viewing, listening, speaking, and moving!  Amy, one of the Hip Homeschool Moms team members, was given the opportunity to review some of HeidiSongs’ products.

2-001 Heidi Songs has created an abundance of resources to assist educators in teaching their children a variety of important learning standards.  Heidi, an experienced teacher and educator, teaches that in order for children to learn a new letter or number or word, they must “see it, hear it, say it, do it!”  This allows children to actively become a part of their learning experience!!

Heidi’s You Tube videos provide video clips of each of her DVDs — this shows her work in the videos as well as children dancing and singing to the learning songs.  This shows what your child will learn after working through the DVDs.  These are so helpful in picking out what you may want to purchase for your student or child!  Her curriculum also includes well-made books and workbooks. 1_JN1-MusicDVD As the homeschooling mother of a preschooler and as a former kindergarten teacher, I was particularly excited about her Singable Songs for Letters & Sounds, Jumpin’ Numbers and Shakin’ Shapes, and Musical Math.  Each mathematics DVD gets progressively more challenging.  However, each of the subjects can be appropriate for very young children.

  • For example, the Jumpin’ Numbers and Shakin’ Shapes DVD includes a short song for each number zero through ten, the seven basic shapes, and a counting song from 1-100.
  • The Jumpin’ Numbers 11-30 has a separate song (numbers 11-30) to help children identify and write the numbers.
  • And the Musical Math DVD introduces many early math concepts including: counting to 100, sorting, patterning, comparing sets (more, less, and equal), skip counting, coin differentiation and recognition, estimation, addition, and subtraction.

These catchy and fun songs will help children learn without them knowing! 69_LetSnds-MusicDVD My son knows his uppercase letters and most of his sounds.  When we began the Letters & Sounds DVD, he was at first, hesitant, but after about watching and listening for a minute (seeing and hearing), he began to sing (saying), he jumped right in to make the movement with his hands (doing)!  The songs help children memorize the alphabet, letter sounds, and letter formation. There is a unique song for every letter and sound in the alphabet, while referencing what the letter looks like or how it is formed. You can also download the printable song lyrics and movements. 1-001 Here is my son seeing and hearing the song for letter y, and practicing saying (singing) and doing (dancing)! 4-001 This is a wonderful resource as a homeschooling parent, and I’d recommend Heidi Songs to any preschool or kindergarten parent/teacher to teach their child a fun song and dance for each letter!  Children don’t even know that they are learning the letter name and sound along the way! I love the rhythm and familiar tunes on these DVDs, and I can feel good about putting them on for my son while I have to go put the baby down.  The content is educational, not fast paced, and gripping for my preschooler.

We also got to review two more advanced DVDs, which I’m also thrilled about: Sing & Spell Volume 1 and Sounds Fun Phonics.

Sing & Spell is a six DVD series from Heidi Songs which helps children learn and spell the important sight words that are listed on the Dolch List.  This is so beneficial for children, as learning to spell hard-to-phonetically-pronounce words can sometimes be difficult for young children.  But here, the children are moving and singing the words!  What an amazing way to learn and remember these words.  This is beneficial for spelling, but also for writing skills, as it takes the guess-work out of spelling, so a child can focus on their writing workshop, or whatever the teacher, homeschooling mom, or educator wants the child to turn their attention towards.  I love this series, and once my children are old enough, we will certainly want to invest in all six DVDs.

Sounds Fun Phonics is a collection of fun songs to sing and dance to about the important rules of phonics.  Learning difficult vowel and consonant digraphs can be fun with songs and movement!  Children love to move and dance, so this can break of the monotony of any child’s school day (whether at home or in the classroom!)

Heidi Songs also has CDs for all of the above mentioned DVD collections.  This is nice for long and short car rides, to make every opportunity a learning time!  We have begun recitation practice during our car trips, and I know Heidi Songs would be a wonderful addition to our learning. heidi.jpg-002


Win $50 worth of HeidiSongs products!

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Disclosure: Amy received a free set of materials from HeidiSongs in exchange for her honest review. 

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  1. I’d love the math DVD. My kindergartener is struggling with skip counting, and I think it would help us out a lot!

  2. I’d love the Musical math dvd. My kids are great with letters, but I have a hard time working the maths components into our day.

  3. I know that there are different types of learners—visual, auditory, kinesthetic. But it seems to me that the more ways of learning that you can engage or enhance in a single learning encounter, the better the retention for the learner. Teaching a child how to read, getting them off to a great start—that to me has been the most challenging part of homschooling so far. I really appreciate the way these programs were designed!!!

  4. I love the DVD’s I use many of them in my kinder class. Would love to have
    some more. These DVDs have really helped my kids this year.

  5. I LOVE Heidi! I have been using her youtube videos in my kinder and first grade classroom for a few years now. The children LOVE her and their sight word vocabulary increases beautifully!

  6. I would like to see a song about subtraction. Some of my kindergarteners are having a hard time with this concept.

  7. I love every Heidi Song product. I teach 4 year olds. We have used these cds and dvds for several years. I am amazed how the kids can read color sight words just from singing songs. I would love a song with small, medium and large. Several of my kiddos struggle with this concept.

  8. I would love the Jumpin’ Numbers 11-30. My daughter is having a really difficult time with that particular group of numbers, for some reason. Thanks for this giveaway!

  9. We LOVE Ms. Heidi and her songs! I’ve been singing her praise for years, now! Can’t wait for the new Sight Words 6 DVD!

  10. Educational entertainment is great! These sound like they would help reinforce learning concepts in a “sneaky”, fun kind of way. Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  11. We are trying to get these in NZ via Heidi’s website but not having any luck. 🙁 Would love to win some as my 5 year olds love the songs we’ve found on youtube.

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