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Playing the piano is a skill that many adults wish they’d learned as children. But it can be hard to find an experienced teacher in your local area. And it can be hard to get back and forth to lessons since many homeschooling families are so busy! A little while ago, you may have seen our article about Team Piano Music School. It’s a music school in New York City that not only offers lessons in NYC but also offers online lessons to YOU wherever you are. These are live, one-on-one piano lessons conducted in your home via Skype.

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The Team Piano Music School owner/teacher, Ivan, has very much enjoyed teaching the students he gained from the Hip Homeschool Moms audience, and he wanted to say a special thank you to all of you and to offer some giveaways that might help make it possible for more of you to take his online lessons! Below you can read his letter and find out more about what he’s giving away.

Hello everyone! I’m so grateful for the opportunity to work with this wonderful group. Since beginning musical journeys with some new students last year, I have enjoyed sharing music and getting to know students and parents who are such a joy to work with! The wonderful parental involvement really shows in each student’s progress!

As my way of saying a big thank you and of encouraging more of you to try my lessons, I’m having an exclusive drawing just for this group.

First, I’m offering a grand prize of two months of free weekly piano lessons starting in September 2017! (This is a $180 value.)

Second, I’m giving two winners $50 each off your registration package.

I’m truly excited to work with you, whether you’re an adult who always wanted to take piano lessons but never had the chance or whether you have a student who wants to take piano lessons.

Please take a look below and enter the contest for your chance to win two months of free piano lessons or $50 off your registration package.

Wishing you all the best!



Learn More About Ivan and Team Piano Music School

If you’d like to hear Ivan playing the piano, you can do that below. You’ll see (and hear!) that he is a professional pianist who is very talented, yet the parents of his students always mention how patient Ivan is with the students he teaches. (If you’ve ever taken piano lessons, the teacher’s attitude and patience can have a lot to do with whether or not the student enjoys the lessons and sticks with them!)


And if you’d like to hear from a parent of one of Ivan’s students, you can read this testimonial:

“My daughter is 9 years old and thoroughly enjoys working with Mr. Ivan with Team Piano Music School via Skype. As a homeschooling family, we appreciate the convenience of being able to have individualized, private LIVE instruction without sacrificing quality. Mr. Ivan is patient, yet he instills the importance of attention to detail and spends significant time and effort helping our daughter develop a solid foundation as a complete beginner to piano. I was thrilled to find this amazing opportunity and even more thrilled to see the quality in action. As an additional perk, the cost just can’t be beat. I personally had 7 years of private instruction on 2 different instruments, so I’m familiar with the related expenses. This is a rare case where you are getting so much more than you’re paying for. Thank you!!”


If you’d like to find out even more about Ivan and Team Piano Music School, you can do that on Facebook or on the Team Piano Music School site.

See Some Clips of Ivan Teaching

Below you can see some videos of Ivan teaching live, online piano lessons! The first one shows Ivan teaching a beginner lesson. (Remember how I said he’s so patient with his students? You can see that here!) The second one is Ivan listening to a student play a piece of music during a lesson. The third video shows how the student sees a view of Ivan’s hands from above during the lesson so that the student can see exactly where to put his hands. These clips should give you a better understanding of how these live piano lessons are done. Enjoy!


 Enter for Your Chance to Win

If you have a child who wants to take piano lessons, this contest is your chance to win two free months of piano lessons (8 weekly lessons–a $180 value) or $50 off your registration package!

Team Piano Music School

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