Profiles From History

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Profiles From History

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With a focus on the character, as well as the accomplishments, of these people who have done great things with their lives, readers will find multiple elements of these biographies to relate to. Short (page-and-a-half) biographical sketches present a quick look at the innovation and courage many had, profiling what they are remembered for today, and providing insights into their motivations. Critical thinking activities include sequencing of events and true/false questions; maps help students to see where events took place; and timelines provide an overview of particular time periods. An activity extends the lesson, and various games (crosswords, word scramble, etc.) provide a fun way to remember the important part of each biography. Read about everyone from Marco Polo to John Smith to Handel to Sacagawea to Francois Millet! 20 profiles; 203 pages, softcover, answer key included. Grades 3-5. 3 volumes, each has 20 profiles.

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This book (vol.1) is being used with our Trail Guide to Learning program and goes nicely with this program offering fun activities and good readings to go along. Would definitely recommend!
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Good information, pairs well with Trail Guide to Learning
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I have used these books to supplement our chronological approach to history. They are well written and each chapter can easily be read in one or two sittings. They make great selections to be used for narration writing instruction.
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Well written.
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