Fun Fall Activities

Fall is a great time of year to be outside! The weather is usually not too cold or too hot, and it’s great to spend some time outside before winter sets in. We’ve put together a list of some fun activities you can do outside with your children. But if you have to be inside, many of these can also be done indoors too! So wherever you are, we hope you love these fun fall activities!


Fall Science Experiment

This experiment shows how leaves change colors before they fall to the ground.


Fall Nature Walk & Scavenger Hunt

Beyond just taking a nature walk and doing a scavenger hunt, there are things you can do to incorporate even more in-depth learning. Believe it or not, you can get out and enjoy the outdoors while including subjects such as writing, science, and art into your day!


Fall Sensory Bins for Preschool

Toddlers and preschoolers love to learn about different holidays and celebrations through sensory bin play. We have made some fall sensory bins every year because it is our favorite season of the year, and the they have been so much fun!


Make a Leaf Maze or Leaf Labyrinth in Your Yard

Looking for a fun way for your kids to play in the leaves? Rake up a Leaf Maze!


Glow in the Dark Bowling

Glow sticks are the secret behind this nighttime game that the kids will love!


Harvest Festival Idea – Pumpkin Ring Toss!

This fun pumpkin ring toss is great for families or fall festivals.


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  1. These are such cute ideas, I just wish fall would arrive already, lol! Can’t wait to have some fall fun with the kids, thank you.
    Shared on Facebook and Twitter.

  2. We always welcome fall with a scavenger hunt nature walk. And last year was our first time to go to a harvest festival. We are going to do that again this year. I LOVE the fall themed sensory bins! I can’t wait to try that and the leaf maze! I’m sharing!

  3. These are great! Even though it’s still early in our homeschool year, I’m feeling a little stagnant in our routine already. Thanks for the great ideas!

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