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By nature, language is a topic that requires a rich experience. Movement stimulates learning. It is more beneficial to interact with others while learning and having that “trial and error” experience than to simply read, write, record, and repeat. Come check out our testimonials and why our methodology works.

Learning should permanent. We cannot expect results from 15 minutes of watching a video or clicking through a lesson on an app. Fitness Latinos gives you the tools, tips, and encouragement to succeed!

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Alba’s life experience as a parent, educator, athlete, entertainer, online co-host, and marketer set the stage for Fitness Latinos. Having left the corporate world to home educate two very diverse learners, the experience helped her discover her innate gifts. She teaches through encouragement and leads by example. Her primary focus is on the heart of the student.

Fitness Latinos was founded by two very diverse Latinos. Together they have over 30 years of experience in education in the classroom and on the playing field.  They have taught children and adults alike. Some of their students are privileged, some underprivileged, some incredibly bright students, and some are special needs students. They are bilingual and bicultural. But there is one common thread; they all want to feel valued and want to share something of themselves with others. People were created to be in a relationship with others! Education did not always come easy, but through perseverance, they can now lead others.

We (at Hip Homeschool Moms) are intrigued and excited to have Fitness Latinas join our giveaway this year. We cannot wait to learn more about their process for teaching and to hear from you how it works! We want to thank them for joining at the highest level this year and donating over $500 and being a Platinum Sponsor to support homeschooling moms!

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What does being a Platinum sponsor mean?

It means that company gave over $500 in products to bless our homeschooling families. We believe it really shows just how committed they are to supporting the homeschool community by being such a big supporter of giveaways like this!  So please be sure to visit their website and their social media and give them huge shout outs to say thank you for being a Platinum Sponsor!

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Fitness Latinos

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Save 30% for each of our courses: Level 1 & Level 2 Spanish or English.

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Website: Fitness Latinos

Expires: 09/30/19

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