First Day

It’s here.

Our actual first day.


My oldest child is ready. He begs for work to do. He realizes his friends are going to school. He loves sitting at his little school desk and practicing writing his letters.

I’m happy. It feels like 18 months of research and reading and Pinterest-ing and curricula picking have prepared me for this.

Mostly I’m happy because he is happy. He isn’t a clingy kid. After the success we had with mother’s morning out this summer I was afraid he would be sad that he wasn’t going to school with his friends. He is very aware that they are leaving their parents to go to school. He loves his friends.

So when he asked me when he was going to preschool I broke out into a cold sweat.

“Well, you are starting preschool on September 4th.”

“Where am I going? With my friends?”

::deep breaths::

“Well. No. We are going to have preschool here, and I will be your teacher. Just you and I.”

“Oh…that sounds awesome!”

::huge sigh of relief::

I think every homeschool parent wonders how that discussion will go. I wasn’t sure if he would be okay with it or not. Although he has never been in a traditional school he knows what it is. He sees the buses and the kids waiting outside our neighborhood to get picked up.

He is a social kid. He loves being with other people. He knows he starts soccer team and art class in a week. He knows he will still see his friends every Thursday at playgroup.

He’s happy.

He’s happy to be homeschooling.

That’s all this finally homeschool mama could want.

Stephanie and her family live in Roswell, Georgia. Originally from the Northeast, Stephanie still hasn’t gotten used to Southern bugs and the word y’all. She loves summer dresses, the kitchen, her husband, her Catholic faith, and a good book. She is active in Junior League of Atlanta and in efforts to stop child trafficking in Georgia. Armed with an English degree and a MBA, Stephanie homeschools her son and has a baby girl. She blogs at The Brunette Foodie.
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  1. I loved this post. My daugher is 7, and this year for the first time she said to me “I’m glad I’m home schooled, Mom.” It meant the world to me!

  2. I was slightly concerned last week when I started school with my daughter. She knew that she wasn’t going to the “school” everyone else was attending, and instead was staying home. Her response was “but I still can go to Sunday School, right?” So that made me laugh.

    1. That is so cute! You never know what’s going on in a child’s mind! 🙂 Recently my sister told my nephew that his regular Sunday School teacher was out of town but that he would still be able to go to SS. He looked at her and exclaimed, “All by myself?!” I guess the little guy thought she had taken a trip and taken all of the other class members with her!

  3. We sent our oldest to private school for K & 1st grade. Halfway thru her 1sta grade year, we realized that we were ready to try homeschooling. Our daughter is also very social, so I was very worried when we sat down to give her the news-I was prepared for the worst. When we told her, she literally started jumping for joy! Her first words were, “Thank you, Mom! No more homework!” I , of course, informed her that it was ALL going to be homework, but she was thrilled!:)

  4. Hello! I am beginning our second year of homeschooling our almost 7 year old daughter. Trouble is motivating her to do any work! She loves being home with me but always drags her feet when it is “time for school.” During lessons she often talks about anything but what we are doing. She is fidgety, itchy, too hot (we live in FL) and stops mid-activity frequently. I use a mixture of get-up-and-move activities and “seat work.” She is not behind given alll the procrastination. She reads at second grade level and does math at level. Have any of you faced this? I am frustrated most days as is she! Any ideas are appreciated!

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