The Mother Lode of Father’s Day Ideas

The Mother Lode of Father’s Day Ideas

Ask a random stranger in early May about plans for Mother’s Day, and he or she can likely give you a full itinerary for the day, including church with Mom, lunch with Mom, flowers for Mom, and gifts for Mom.

Ask the same random stranger in mid-June about plans for Father’s Day, and you’ll probably get something like this:

Awkward silence.  A contrived cough.  Crickets chirping.

Because let’s face it: Father’s Day just doesn’t get the same kind of respect.

Now some will immediately chalk that up to a cultural assault on fatherhood, which I won’t dispute exists. I don’t necessarily think, though, that the less-than-stellar celebration of Father’s Day is the best evidence of it.

Mom and home are always closely connected, and so I wonder sometimes if celebration of mom is also celebration of all things nostalgic.  Plus moms make gift-giving easy for their children!  Sappy tears and emotional responses to kisses and hugs and simple gifts make celebrating mom pretty effortless in many ways.

Men, on the other hand, can be more of a challenge, only because they’re different from us in all the incredible ways God intended.  Though most of them don’t necessarily pine after fresh flowers or weep uncontrollably at the sight of a crayon-scribbled card (not to say it could never happen!), they deserve all the love and appreciation we can shower on them on their special day.

So whether you’re in search of some information about Father’s Day or looking for simple gifts or easy crafts to commemorate the day, you’ve come to the right place!  Call this Father’s Day Central:

The Mother Lode of Father’s Day Ideas

Father’s Day Gift Ideas 

So you’re thinking of giving Dad a tie, right?  Maybe a coffee cup.  Argyle socks.  I’m not knocking those choices (I’ve pulled out a couple of them myself a few times), but you can probably come up with some more original ideas.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Dads at Church, Co-Op, Etc.

If you’re buying Father’s Day gifts en masse, for all the fathers in your church, for example, or those in your homeschool co-op, you’ll need different gift suggestions than if you’re buying only for your own father.

Here are some suggestions for “group” gifts that are fun and inexpensive. (Some are more expensive than others. Of course, you’ll need to choose based on how many dads you’re buying for and how much you have to spend.)

Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Own Dad or Your Children’s Dad

Edible Tackle Box

But when you’re looking for a gift for your children’s father (or maybe even your own), here are a few gift ideas I count among my personal favorites.

Isn’t this Edible Tackle Box the cutest thing ever? And it’s easy to assemble and tasty too! Below is a link to the box and to some candies that are perfect for filling it!

Father's Day Ideas
From LetYourScribblesBe.blogspot.com

Dad’s Stache Jar

And I mustache you a question.  (And, yes, that’s a bad joke. An old, bad joke even. Forgive me.)  But have you ever seen a cuter idea for Father’s Day than this Dad’s Stache jar? I also like using these wire clamp jars too.

Father's Day Ideas. Father's Day Gift Jar: Dad's Stache
From ThoughtsfromAlice.com

Mini Toolboxes

And I adore these Mini Toolboxes made from old mint tins using mini tin boxes.

Father's Day Ideas. Mini toolboxes
From AlphaMom.com

I always have such a hard time throwing away mint tins.  I mean, they’re reusable!  Well, this is a great way to put them to use.  Just follow the step-by-step instructions, then fill with nuts and bolts, screws or nails, or any other useful things Dad might need to keep on hand.

But there are literally hundreds more ideas where these came from!

Fun Father’s Day Questionnaire

If you’re looking for something simple and inexpensive but heart-felt, help your child fill out this Fun Father’s Day Questionnaire for Kids! If you have very young children, just ask them the questions and write down their answers. If you have older children, they may be able to fill this out for themselves.

This questionnaire is a sweet (and probably funny!) way to show Dad how much he’s loved. And almost anybody, regardless of budget, can afford this Father’s Day gift! Note: If you have more than one child, simply print out one for each child.

More Gift Ideas

Free Printables

If you’re looking for simple printables for Father’s day, you may like some of these:

History of Father’s Day

Maybe you were hoping you and the kids could learn a little something about Father’s Day.  Did you know Father’s Day actually began in Spokane, Washington?  Believe me, the Spokanians (if that’s a word) have not forgotten!

Check out the Father’s Day Birthplace website for a history of the founding of Father’s Day.  Find even more information here, including poems and quotes about Father’s Day as well as info about how fathers are celebrated around the world.

Unit Studies and Book Lists

  • Interested in doing a unit study related to Father’s Day?  Try out Whales Passing, a literature-based unit study dealing with the relationships between fathers and sons.
  • This Father’s Day reading list offers even more great book options.


There’s no excuse for neglecting Dad this Father’s Day!  With a little time and forethought, we can come up with just what we need to make the dads in our lives feel as loved and appreciated as they are. Now.  It’s time for this mom to get busy on gifts for a couple of very important dads…

How will you celebrate Father’s Day this year?  What do you do to make the fathers in your life feel special?


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