Family Movie Night

Friday nights in our house are Family Movie Nights. Every once in a while, the night may be a Saturday, but we try to stay consistent because my children highly anticipate the evening. I also look forward to slowing down and spending the time with them watching a favorite classic, getting lost in a mystery, or just watching something silly.

Family Movie Night

Along with the movie comes homemade pizza, compliments of Mommy. Sometimes I will make them to order, and other times I will set out toppings and let them decorate their own. The preparation decision is usually determined by how much cleaning I want to do that evening. We also include fresh kernel popped corn, and the evening is a go.

When determining what movie we will watch, we try to be fair to all involved. We have tried giving everyone a week to choose a movie and doing a family vote. Other times I step in and decide because there are only so many really silly movies a mommy can watch. Hey, they will one day have their own home where they can make their own rules.

Some movies we have enjoyed are classics like The Parent Trap (I’ve always loved it, and the original is the best.), Journey to the Center of the Earth (we have seen the original and remake), Meet Me in St. Louis, The Ghost and Mr. Chicken, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, just to name a few. Some more current movies like Bolt, Tangled, and of course, Frozen (songs and all) have surprised me, especially since I am not a great fan of animated movies. The children have also enjoyed some of the Hallmark movies like Meet My Mom (also known as Soldier Love Story), Beyond the Blackboard, and Front of the Class, which are true stories that left a few of us in tears.

Finding movies that are family-friendly can be a challenge. I have a couple of resources I always go to before bringing a movie into our home. Plugged In, Common Sense Media and The Dove Foundation. Those resources are very helpful in determining whether or not a movie is appropriate for your family. They have reviews on older movies to new releases and break down the movie content into categories like violence, sex, nudity, drugs, etc. as to how much is included in the film. There are a lot of movies being released for children now that may not be as child-friendly as you would prefer. I know I have told my children “no” for some of the popular new releases that supposedly were made for their age-range.

Even if you are not a fan of screen-time, family movie night is just a nice time to gather and have a laugh, shed a tear, or promote conversation about what you have watched together. The setting is casual and comfortable, and it is some time I get to sit down and relax with some fun people; my children.

Do you have a Family Movie Night at home? What movies have you and your family enjoyed together?

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  1. We LOVE family movie nights! Some of our favorites are Frozen, How to Train Your Dragon, We bought a zoo and Despicable Me.

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