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Finding the right foreign language curriculum can be frustrating. Some options are cute, but they lack sufficient content. Others are dry or unmemorable. Because of this, too many people are wasting time, money, or both!

As a Spanish-teacher-turned-homeschool-mom, Caryn Hommel did hundreds of hours of research to develop a brain-friendly, engaging approach that she wants to share with your student. Excelerate SPANISH uses multiple learning modalities, teaching everything via action sequences, gestures, skits, and stories! Every lesson is presented as an interesting scenario, virtually transporting your students to another place, inviting them to take part in a story. You and your family will love the zany humor, the practical ability that you acquire, and the way you retain what you learn!

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We so appreciate Excelerate Spanish donating to our Back to Homeschool Giveaway again this year. This is actually the High School Spanish course my son is taking this year! Click the Twitter Share button above to give them a thank you shout out!  

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Excelerate Spanish

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Use the code to get an incredible HALF OFF your streaming membership. This gives you unlimited access to ALL Excelerate SPANISH lesson videos from both levels 1 and 2! Give your kids the gift that lasts a lifetime, and for less than $8 per month! No commitment required– cancel anytime.

Discount Code: EXCELNSAVE

Website: Excelerate Spanish

Expires: 10/31/2019

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