Dear Warrior Homeschool Mom You are not alone

Dear Warrior Homeschool Mom, You are not alone. | www.testing.hiphomeschoolmoms.com

Dear Warrior Homeschool Mom,

So, how was your school year? Did it go the way you expected? It rarely ever does; at least that’s my experience.

Maybe you school year-round and you’re in the throes of forging ahead through the Summer months…Or possibly you’re exploring the world of homeschooling to see if it would be a good fit for your family. May I be so bold as to say that if you’re investigating the idea–I’m guessing this idea was placed on your heart very intentionally by God and He believes you’re the warrior He created you to be for such a journey as this.

Wherever you are on this incredibly life-giving, life altering, homeschool adventure…let me tell you, it takes the strength of a warrior.

By definition, a warrior is one who is engaged in or experienced in battle. Warriors are skilled at their trade and passionate about their cause. They are brave and resourceful, even knowing that every true warrior needs a tribe, others they can count on for support and encouragement. Yes, in my opinion, just by being “Mom” you are a warrior, battling for your families and your God every single day.

And if you homeschool, well then, you are a Warrior Homeschool Mom too. And THAT, my friend, is amazing. Not because it makes us better or nobler than others, but because when we say YES to the call to homeschool our precious children, we then have the opportunity to be such a blessing to them in ways we never could have imagined. I never realized how much homeschooling would impact the life of our family and change the heart of this homeschooling mom.

Warrior Homeschool Mom

Day in and day out, we engage in battle. We fight hard for the hearts of our children. We spend our days loving and teaching and cleaning and praying and disciplining. We struggle through the hard days and celebrate the victories, no matter how small they are because every victory for a warrior is worthy of celebrating. Some days we wonder if we’re on the right path. Will we make it? Did we make the right choice? We carry our own load, but often our load feels heavy…heavier than we can bear and that’s when we need to call on other warrior sisters who will help us in our time of need. It’s okay to admit when it’s just too much. God created us  not only to depend on Him, but also on each other.

Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ. -Galatians 6:2

You, dear warrior homeschool mom, are not alone. It might feel like it at times, but you’re not. I am fighting this battle along side you as are many other mamas deep in the trenches of motherhood and homeschooling. It’s hard. It’s messy and it’s very worth it. And there is an entire group of homeschool moms who are fighting this hard fight too! We are here to support each other. 

What is your biggest struggle today? As you look back at your year and begin to make plans for the road ahead…what is it that stands out in your mind as your biggest need? Have you talked to God about it? I pray you will stop and do just that.

As I look back at our school year, I’m shocked (in some ways) at how differently it turned out compared to the plans I made for our year. I mean drastically different. I remember the plans I laid out for my crew of four. And now, as I sit with my blank school year calendar and lesson planner in front of me, I wonder…how detailed should my plans really be? I basically know what curriculum we’ll use. I have a rough idea of the unit studies we’ll work through and I have an idea of the schedule I’d like to stick to. But, when I think about this last homeschool year as a whole, what stands out to me most really has nothing to do with curriculum, but much more to do with character and the life that surrounds our education.

Then, my eyes wander to my bible sitting five feet from me and I am reminded that every good warrior needs constant training. If we want our students to have teachable spirits, we then also need to be willing to engage in VERY ACTIVE and CONSISTENT training…spiritual training. I’ll be the first to admit that building new healthy habits are not easy for me. In fact, I’m great at starting a new habit, but not so great at the follow-through.

Can you relate?

Dear Warrior Homeschool Mom

God will meet us right where we are. So, wherever you are today, that’s the perfect place to start. In the particular season of homeschooling I find myself in, it feels like a constant war zone. Because the last 4 months have been particularly difficult for my family for various reasons, we’ve decided to take a much needed break this Summer instead of continuing on with our lessons. So, it’s during this time of rest (hopefully) that I plan to really seek God’s Word and wisdom for the things He’s laid upon my heart.

I am praying for you, Friend. This homeschooling adventure looks different for every single one of us. There is no perfect way to do it. Your path will narrow at times and take lots of turns you may not expect, but nothing worth doing is ever really easy, is it? Just know, YOU are the best mom for your children and there is no other teacher better equipped to teach your children than you. And because God’s got armor available for each one of us, stronger than any other armor in the land (Ephesians 6:10-12)…THAT armor put onto a loving mom with a desire to be her child’s teacher makes her a beautiful Warrior Homeschool Mom, ready and fit for the journey of a lifetime.

Fighting the good fight with you.

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  1. Megan- Thank you so much! I’m just about to enter the trenches. Last year I did preschool loosely, but this year I wanted more of a plan, but I really want to pray so that I’m following God’s plan. I love your list. This is a tough road, but one I choose to take. Thanks for your encouragement!!

    1. Sweet Shonda,
      You CAN do this my dear friend! Your kids will be so blessed by your homeschooling efforts and strong, dedicated desire to lead them to Jesus. I am praying for you in this. Yes, it can be a bumpy road, but so very worth it…even on the hard days. 🙂

  2. I really agree that things do not turn out the way you planned, but having a plan to guide me makes me feel better. I think we had a great year, but I am disappointed in 1 area. I want the kids to learn a foreign language (Spanish, because I think it will be useful), but my oldest couldn’t be less interested and my youngest are eager, but can’t get beyond memorizing basics like numbers, colors and greetings. I know it doesn’t help that I am not fluent (I only have 2 years of high school Spanish taken over 20 years ago). Hoping I come across something better than what didn’t work last year.

    1. April,
      Thanks for your comment. I tried to my kids Spanish last year too, but didn’t get too far. It sounds like you’ve done a great job already though…numbers, colors and greetings….that’s a GREAT start. And keeping it simple will probably help them remember what they’re learning too. I wanted to pass along a link to one of our discussion pages that includes some foreign language resources that other moms have used. Hoping you might find something that will work for all of you this next school year.

      And I completely agree with you….having a plan definitely helps. I think for me…the trick is in balancing “my plans” with more realistic expectations and submitting it all to God.

      Blessings to you Warrior Homeschool Mom,

  3. i think you meant the “throes,” not the “throws.” such an error doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence. i appreciate all of your hard work in putting together this website, and i wish you luck and joy in everything!


  4. I am DEFINITELY a warrior mom!
    I am a homeschooling mom, and also an atheist homeschooling mom. You can’t imagine how rare that is in some places! We struggle hard and have made some of the most wonderful friends a person could ask for, but still there are those moments when we are shunned for our atheism. We have literally had people who, one moment before were kind, turn their backs on us! The unkindness shown at those times has been breathtaking and painful for the kids.
    But we are strong and happy!
    I will continue to go into “Warrior Mode” whenever necessary! *wink*
    From one warrior to another,

    1. Karen,
      YES you are definitely a warrior mom. I am so sorry you’ve experienced such judgement and unkindness. How awful. I do believe that this sort of meanness and hatred is universal. I’ve experienced it from others for my Christian beliefs, for our homeschooling convictions and also for having four kids. Such judgement is so ugly. I am so thankful you are surrounded by some wonderful friends. It makes all the difference. You carry on my friend….in warrior mode, because you are a warrior for your family!

      Peace to you too,

      1. We will all be in a better place when all moms support one another!
        Each one of us makes decisions about our lives that are important to us…seems as though things will get better for EVERY parent when we learn to love and support all PEOPLE rather than only those that fit within our particular comfort zone.

  5. But I do feel so very alone because I don’t hold the same religious beliefs as the author and most homeschoolers I know. I am publicly shunned. I have been threatened. I have had my children’s friends dramatically pulled out of their lives when the mother finds out that I don’t share the same religious beliefs. We are good people. We are not cruel. We are respectful of other’s beliefs but we rarely get that in return. So yes, yes I am a warrior but still feel wildly alone most of the time.

    1. Meg,
      I am so thankful for your comment here. Someone else commented about this very thing. And it really saddens me. It’s such a terrible thing to be shunned and judged so unkindly because of your beliefs. I know how this feels because I, too, have definitely experienced this kind of judgement from others because of my strong beliefs and convictions. Meg, I hope you feel connected and a part of our community here. I am so very thankful for the moms who gather here to share their experiences and resources, their lives and hearts. In my own life, I rely heavily upon my online friends…most of whom I’ve never met in person…but nonetheless…they are deep friendships that I am grateful for. Please feel free to message me privately if you ever want to talk more or just need a friend. 🙂

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