Celebrating Back-to-School with Michaels Craft Stores!

My daughter, Mary Grace, and I were recently invited to participate in Michael’s Create Your Own Back-to-School Adventure! We had SO much fun! Michaels generously sent us a $100 gift card, and we went to the local Michaels store to decide what we wanted to buy for our back-to-school crafts.

We decided to make some tie-dyed t-shirts for our family along with some tie-dyed book bags that we can use for homeschool or library books. We thought the t-shirts could be kind of our homeschool “uniforms.” We don’t have any other clothes that match (like many schools that have uniforms or cute field trip t-shirts), so we made our own Hilton Christian Academy Tie-Dyed T-Shirts and book bags. They turned out SO well! We had a lot of fun making them too! We had to let the shirts and book bags  sit for 24 hours before we could rinse them out and see what the final products looked like, and it was hard to wait. The next day, though, when we rinsed them out and saw them, we were thrilled! We are so happy with how our shirts and book bags turned out! We will definitely be doing more tie-dye projects in the future! Here are some pictures of our shirts and our book bags. We thought you might like to take a look at them. 🙂

HHM Tie Dyed Shirts

HHM Tie Dyed Book Bags

We also decided to make ourselves some “mascots” for our homeschool year. We bought some clay pots, paintbrushes, paints, foam sheets, glue, and wire so we could make bumblebees. Our bumblebees were supposed to represent the fact that we are “Buzzzzy learning!” We had so much fun creating the bumblebees that we couldn’t stop there! We also made butterflies and dragonflies. Not only did we have a great time creating the bumblebees, butterflies, and dragonflies, but we also had a wonderful time just chatting and laughing together as we worked. We used our imaginations and had fun together. And since today was our first “official” back-to-homeschool-day, we are indeed “buzzzzy learning” together again! (Although we homeschoolers know that the learning never stops–even when we’re taking a break from “formal” homeschooling!)

Below you will see a few photos of us in the process of making our creatures, and then you’ll see our finished products.



We really did have a lot of fun celebrating getting back to school, and we are thankful to Michaels for giving us this opportunity to have some fun and share it with you! If you’re interested in creating something fun or just spending some time together learning and crafting, you might like to know that Michaels offers a 15% discount for teachers every day! Make sure to talk to a store associate about it next time you go to Michaels. Also keep in mind that, if you’re looking for a certain product and don’t see enough of it on the shelves, you can order in bulk and save up to 20%. And finally, be sure to download the Michaels app so you can get the latest deals and coupons!



If you create (or already created) some fun arts & crafts, please be sure to share a link to your photos on your blog or Pinterest! We would love to see what you’ve done! (Just share the link in a comment below.)

And I’d like to say that I hope you and your students have a super wonderful school year!

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    1. LOL! Caren, we actually did pretty well about not dying everything else in the house! I have to admit, though, that my hands were purple-ish for a few days after I rinsed the dye out of our shirts and tote bags since I forgot to put on plastic gloves!

    1. I was contacted by Michaels because I’m a blog owner. I think they were specifically looking for blogs that reach certain audiences (like homeschoolers), so they asked me if I would like to participate. Thank you so much!! We were really happy with how our shirts turned out too. And it was funny because, during the process of making the shirts, everything just looked kind of messy. It was hard to tell how they would turn out. The next day when we rinsed out the shirts, we were totally shocked at how well they turned out! I’m glad you like them.

  1. How exciting! I love the idea of making homeschool shirts for the family. We went to Michael’s yesterday and my 5-year-old was thrilled she got to pick out scrapbooking paper to use in her crafting because it was on sale 6 for $1.

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