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RED ALERT! CA Homeschool Legislation is Being Discussed!

We have a RED ALERT for California homeschoolers.  As you know, we are always keeping our ears and eyes open to issues and conversations in city and state governments that might impact your rights to homeschool. There is an awful situation brewing in California and some of the local members of government are about to propose some homeschool legislation that you need to know about!

There was a terrible incident that happened in California. A family abused their children and PRETENDED to be homeschooling. The abuse this family suffered is absolutely sickening and so very sad. We pray for the  children. I firmly believe there is a special kind of hell reserved for those who abuse the innocent.

And we will not downplay what happened.

But we all know they were NOT being homeschooled. They were being abused.

When they registered as a homeschooling family…

They lied. Period.

They used the umbrella of homeschooling, something that is wholesome and honorable and good, to hide their evil, depraved actions and hurt the entire family.

But as much as we all want this kind of thing to never happen, the fact is we will never be able to legislate away sin.


So as much as we want to, it is not realistic to think that we can create a bunch of laws that prevent this from happening again. Unfortunately.

If you are unfamiliar with this story and what happened,  you can read the article here. 

Pray for the Turpin family. 

If you are in a position, we hope you will get involved in helping these 12 children and others who have experienced this kind of abuse and neglect, both inside and outside the homeschooling community.

But remember homeschooling didn’t fail.

The PARENTS failed.

But laws to watch homeschoolers are not the answer.

Legislation being proposed.

 Jose Medina, a Riverside Democrat in Perris, California is quoted as saying:

We need to designate someone with government authority to physically visit the sites. We make sure that restaurants that serve the public are healthy and the environment it’s prepared is clean. If we can do that for restaurants, we can do that for schools.


A spokesman from the Department of Education is quoted saying the agency:

will gladly work with legislators to consider ways to change the law so we can prevent this type of tragedy.


Even if you are not in Perris, get involved… this will impact the entire state, and potentially the nation.

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Get Involved

We encourage you to contact your state representatives and be sure they know how you feel about this proposed legislation. You can find the contact information for your state leaders below.  We have to be willing to get involved!

CA State Leaders' Contact Information

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