Calico Spanish 2019 Platinum Sponsor

Learning Spanish is a lifelong journey. If only there was a map. And a tour guide would be nice too!

Enter Calico Spanish!

Calico Spanish develops programs anyone can use to teach kids Spanish. Fun, animated Video Stories and a full range of activities support four levels, containing 200 hours of structured content in 365 open-and-go lesson plans. Start today and listen to the young children in your life learn to speak real Spanish to real people. For a lifetime.

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This is the first year for us to have Calico Spanish as one of our Sponsors… and they jumped in at the top as a Platinum Sponsor. We are excited they are joining us this year because:

  • They provide a step-by-step pathway so kids truly learn to speak real Spanish.
  • They prepare kids to talk to real people … in real life … in Spanish.
  • With Calico Spanish, kids will remember and be ready to use what they learn.

What does being a Platinum sponsor mean?

It means that company gave over $500 in products to bless our homeschooling families. We believe it really shows just how committed they are to supporting the homeschool community by being such a big supporter of our giveaway!  So please be sure to visit their website and their social media and give them huge shout outs to say thank you for being a Platinum Sponsor!

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Calico Spanish

Hip Frugal Moms

Purchase our monthly subscription to Calico Spanish Stories and pay just $1 for your first month of learning. Regularly $16/month.

Discount Code: First Month $1

Website: Calico Spanish

Expires: 09/30/19

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