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ArtAchieve art lessons for kids are inspired by art from around the world. Working and traveling abroad has given John Hofland the opportunity to collect an international array of images for his art lessons. As a result, each ArtAchieve art lesson centers around a real object that introduces students to cultures from around the world. In addition, each lesson includes complementary teaching resources for unit studies.

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Their Philosophy

  •  Anyone can learn to draw, and learning to draw is an essential skill. Drawing is not a skill reserved for special people who have “talent.” Rather, it is a skill, just like reading or math. Their goal is to provide you and your students with art lessons that insure success (e.g, the cat you draw will LOOK like a cat), while leaving plenty of room for creative interpretation (the cat you draw will be YOUR OWN unique cat).
  • Art should be integrated into the curriculum. The visual images included in each lesson are designed to pique students’ interests in geography, history, literature, math, and/or science. Each lesson is also designed to help students pursue those related interests.
  • They operate from a Christian worldview and believe God loves the world we live in. Nevertheless, the art lessons do not attempt to proselytize. At the same time, when an object reflects the values of Christian history or culture, they make no attempt to hide that.
  • Easy for anyone to teach whether you have a background in art or not. Therefore, the lessons are so complete that children who can read cou follow them on their own.

We are so thankful for ArtAchieve’s support over the years. John has donated year after year to our giveaway. We really appreciate him. If you do as well, Click the Twitter Share button above to give them a thank you shout out!  

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