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Arithmetic Village is a series of five short, rhyming books which introduce the fundamental maths concepts necessary for more advanced mathematical reasoning – place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

The books are supported by three downloadable activity packets containing 100+ worksheets and “open ended” activities. These are designed to reinforce the key concepts through multidisciplinary, light-hearted activities.

Arithmetic Village

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The best way to fully learn a concept is to teach it back to someone, and these books were a perfect aid for my eldest child to work with her younger siblings in math. She liked that the books didn't feel like her regular textbook. I liked the encouragement of hands-on, open ended activities.
We also used these books as the backbone of a mini math camp for preschool/kindergarteners in our homeschool co-op. The students liked the story and enjoyed the tangible practice with place value and counting by tens.
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cheerful illustrations & story with key concepts
not very indepth, difficult as a stand-alone curriculum
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These are cute little books, but they weren't what I expected. I bought them thinking they had math problems to go along with the story line of the books. There are workbooks that you can buy that go along with them and we did use that as well, but they are just worksheets. My 3rd grader thought they were okay, but the book were a bit young for her. I think these would be good to use for Kindergarten to maybe 2nd grade to introduce the concepts,
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